I wouldn’t want to leave the man out now would I! Equality and all that… I’m considering sending my hubs a huge bunch of flowers to his store, I’m sure he’d love that…..! (Don’t panic Mr, I won’t)

Anyway. As well as the gorgeous choccies I got, another box arrived for the Mr to try, a more masculine box this time.

The Red Heart Collection by Chocolate by Genevie. These were so suited to Mr Katie as they contained 10 chocolates with some really different flavours, not the kind you would normally find in typical boxes of chocolate. Flavours like Pineapple and Coconut & and Advokaat and Pistachio! I have to confess, I stole the Dark Orange one (what?! He had plenty of mine trust me!)

This box costs just £9.95 which is a great price for a little Valentines Day treat for someone. Most of the boxes are packaged so they fit through the letterbox easily (check the item details for confirmation on that)

You can see the full collection of artisan chocolates on their website: www.chocolatebygenevie.co.uk

PR Sample


Anyone who knows me will tell you how unfashionable I am. Actually unfashionable is probably a bit harsh, more like – I’m “relaxed” about my clothes. I like comfort but that doesn’t mean tracksuits and trainers (when I’m playing sport only) In the past, I have selected clothing just because it was comfortable and the colours went together, no major thought went into an outfit and I’ve not really cared about the overall look.

However in the last few months I have become almost the complete opposite. With the help of my wife, I have taken certainly more care and definitely more effort into the clothes that I wear. When my birthday passed this year, I shocked everyone when I said I wanted to change my wardrobe and currently I am being classed as a shopaholic if we visit any shops.

When Zalando offered me the chance to use a gift voucher on their website I was keen to put my new found clothing love to the test. Now that I am working in the city, my old work shoes needed a revamp (and they were quite frankly embarrassing) so I was on the look out for some classic but stylish shoes, suitable for work & the usual events you have to be suited up for. They had to be black, but that was the only specification. There was a massive selection of brogues, it was actually quite hard to narrow it down to just a few. Like the wife, I seem to have a thing for shoes.

I have also recently started wearing slim chinos instead of my horrendous baggy jeans (yes I quote Katie on that), but I didn’t have many tops to go with them, my normal uniform of baggy t-shirts didn’t quite cut it, so I wanted to look at the shirts & sweatshirts, and I was really impressed with how much there was to choose from. It’s actually a lot easier for me to shop online, I can just pick which department I want to look at and everything is there in front of me, no fussing around shops looking for something in particular, getting sidetracked by a million other things.

The whole experience was pain free (always a plus) easy to find my size, select and order. The postage was really quick as well, I think it was under a week. So all in all I was pretty happy & will definitely be using them again for future purchases.




We recently were given the opportunity to receive a framed photograph from a selected date in time that was special to us. We all like to take photographs, especially at family events or parties, but its not till much later on in conversations with friends and family that the topic of remembering the day someone was born or what happened on the day that….

At The Day That the team have created a really special gift. They have a team of photographers that get up daily and take pictures along the stunning coastline of West Cornwall. Rain or shine, the dedicated team capture beautiful images from as early as 3-30am in the summertime. Their business was set up in 2005 and have a picture for almost everyday since.

Whilst the images are always going to be important because of the day they were taken, and they commemorate a special time in history, the team at The Day That can make the experience even more special. With the opportunity to make the gift more personal, you can choose from a selection of images from your date but, also the way it is displayed. You can chose from a “small, classic, gallery and exhibition” sized image and handwritten messages can be added.

All the images come in a variety of frames made from natural wood or a more modern black or silver finish.

As an ex-photographer (and having worked at a high level), I love to take photos and it can be of anything but usually its because I like a scenery or something similar – in hindsight it would be great to have more meaning than that – this is why I was really excited to receive the photo we had chosen. I look at the picture everyday, and I understand the importance of capturing a fantastic image but even more so that there is a company who has the ability to bring back to life a special date in someone else’s lives. I know how hard it can be to get it “just right”

Next time you’re trying to find a unique baby gift this is where you should be looking.

If you would like to get your very own personalised photo, The Day That have a fantastic offer just for you, where you can get a mounted, unframed print absolutely free with every framed print you order. To claim your free print, or just to find out more about them, phone The Day That directly on 01736 758109 and tell them I sent you. They’ll be absolutely delighted to take your call!


Being the big kid that I am – when Kate told me to choose a remote control helicopter from www.miniinthebox.co.uk I can’t lie, I was excited. A remote control helicopter that I can use with my iPhone or iPad? I’m not called AppleGeek for nothing.

So whilst patiently waiting for the postman, my imagination started to wander; where could I fly this thing and not create too much havoc, I could have so much fun dive bombing work colleagues, spectacular crashes – the list was endless.

On arrival, I managed to tear open the wrapping in record time and having a quick browse over the instructions (men don’t do instructions) I downloaded the free Syma remote app from the App Store on both my devices (it also made it onto the kids iPod Touch as well). It’s a simple set up process and with the helicopter being about 5″ in length, it’s smaller than I imagined but seemingly very robust (as I tested on many occasions).
Once you’ve paired the remote and helicopter there are two main controls on the app – up & down and a circular control for left, right forwards & backwards. Sounds easy yeah? Actually, it’s not that hard to master but in my hasty fashion (yes I crashed it several times) some fine tuning was needed with my flying skills . You can also play about with some more options within the app but if you prefer to use the gyroscope that’s built into the device, you can.

Ideal flying conditions are indoor locations with lots of space (like a warehouse if you can hijack one) but in this instance work proved ideal, but not very productive (albeit great fun) and outside, when the weather was extremely calm, we (the kids also took control) had some great flights however any gust of wind….and you might do the classic “I got it stuck on the roof” manoeuvre. Several times, I found myself climbing up to perform rescue missions.

The iPad app allows a bigger remote controller so for my fat fingers, this was my preference but the iPhone work equally well.

Priced at around £30 (currently a sale price – normally around £55) this is a great gift – especially for the inner geek in any person and if I can swing it past the Mrs, I might sneakily add another to the collection.

Click here to watch my flying skills.


If you’re on the lookout for a Fathers day present with a special touch this year, then this is the competition for you!

Merci Maman, home to gorgeous, unique and personalised gifts for people you love. Everything from jewellery for babies, children and adults, drawstring bags, dressing gowns, even hoodies.

With Fathers day looming round the corner (hopefully it will be summer by then) I’ve got a fab competition for KATK readers (love you!)

One reader can win one of the men’s bespoke bracelets for the daddy of the family worth £39.00. It can be personalised with engraving on both sides of the silver plated disk, and bound by waxed cotton braid in the colour of your choice. There are two sliding knots so it fits everyone. It comes in a gorgeous orange gift box too!


To be in with the chance of winning, all you need to do is:

1: Go to the Merci Maman website & sign up to their newsletter.

2: Like their FaceBook page

3: Tweet this message over on twitter: I’ve entered @kateagreen’s comp with @mercimamangifts

Let me know when you’ve done it by leaving a comment below and the winner will be picked on Monday the 28th May.

Good luck!