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I do solemnly swear…….

I saw a post on FB this morning, by Constance Hall (hilarious woman, you have to read her stuff) and it was all about writing new vows for her and her hubs. Well, after cracking up and agreeing with 90% of them, I thought I could write my own, seeing at the bloke and I have been together for coming up to 19 years. Nineteen years. What the actual f*ck?! (Clearly I don’t look old enough)

So, I bring you, the new vows for the AG marriage.

  • I vow to not punch you in the ribs when you snore like a freight train. I understand you need said ribs, and if we continue in this way, you’ll have none left by the end of the week.
  • You must vow to find a way of ensuring you sleep facing the wall with your mouth firmly shut. ALL night.
  • I vow to try to contain my need to throw things around the room when I am on the edge of PMT.
  • You must vow to NEVER utter the words “are you due on” at me again.
  • I vow to kiss you each morning before you leave for work, regardless of whether I’ve had a coffee, the kids have had breakfast, I know what I’m wearing that day or, if I’m growing a new chin out of a giant spot on my mush.
  • You need to vow to not make those kisses wet and sloppy. I hate that shit.
  • I vow to stop expecting you to be a mind reader. After all these years you’d think I’d know that’s not one of your talents.
  • You need to vow to notice the washing basket needs emptying, the sheets need changing, the bathrooms need cleaning. I don’t have magic cleaning eyes, you see what I see. Calling the cleaner is a compromise I am happy with.
  • I vow to stop bitching that you’re a morning person. In *all* senses.
  • You must vow to stop bitching that I’m an evening person. In *all* senses.
  • I vow to stop telling my friends all your funny f*ck ups so they can use it against you on FB.
  • You vow (you will) to hear me the first time I say something. No matter what it is.
  • I vow to slow down while pushing a shopping trolley and understand that some people do, in fact, use it as a day out, and are enjoying walking at a snails pace.
  • You need to vow to understand that sometimes, those people will have their trolley hurried along. Sainsbury’s is not my idea of a day trip.
  • I vow to laugh at your jokes. When you crack them. And not say “hey, that’s funny, for you…..”
  • You must vow to continue making me laugh.
  • I vow to try and reign in my sarcasm at inappropriate moments. Although I know you secretly love it.
  • You must vow to get my “looks” a lot faster than you do. When you see that look, respond.
  • I  vow to try and stack the dishwasher in a way that keeps your OCD happy.
  • You must vow to put the empty loo rolls in the bloody bin.

And there we go. What do you think, if we renew our vows next year, these would work wouldn’t they?



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#InstaLove – Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth


I’ve decided that I actually have mama envy. I need to coin a term for it, #mamenvy or something less shit. Anyway. One of the mamas that I am girl crushing on right now is Kelly from Cult of Youth. Mama to Elvis and creator of the necklace on my wish list, if I could decide which one I wanted, mama, initials or the skull. We all know how much I love a skull….. She’s frigging amazing and I love her style, from her Instagram profile to her jewellery range. Go shop, thank me later.

3 things

Three items you can’t live without?
My bed, my phone and my Double Initial Chain. I have a seventeen week old baby so we’ve spent the last few months holeing ourselves away, watching old films under the covers and getting to know eachother. It’s been good to have maintained a connection to the outside world with a bit of Instagram! Getting dressed has definitely changed since having a baby, very simple and functional. I always make sure I’m wearing my rings and a chain from the new collection as it makes me look a bit more polished, even if I don’t feel it! At the moment I alternate between the MAMA and Elvis’s initials.

The meal you would cook to impress someone?
I love microwave Mac n Cheese but that’s a bit rank isn’t it?!

Where you get your inspiration from?
I am inspired by people. I love having coffee on the Kingsland Road and people watching! Instagram is also a great source. @eimearvarianbarry has one of my fave insta accounts (she’s just as gorgeous in real life.) I wish my desk looked a little more like hers! @mothersmeetings hold lots of events including a monthly business club which always inspires me. When it comes to designing, I tend to work with materials first and then build a collection around them. Last season I was obsessed with crystal quartz, this current collection is very personal. I make each piece by hand so I wanted to use that as a design focus. Each piece is completely unique to it’s owner!

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!

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#InstaLove – Lines & Current

Lines & Current

I’m loving @linesandcurrent on Instagram. Designer of headwear, sunglasses and jewellery (I already own one of the headbands, I am now eyeing up some of the jewellery….) Rebekah is just naturally artistic *and* she donates 10% of her profit to hand in hand for Syria.

She’s also a properly lovely lady and someone you’d want to have a coffee with. Always happy to be an enabler, have a look at www.linesandcurrent.com – you can thank me later.

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
My daily notebook for thoughts/ lists. My throw-all-in bag (you know the mummy types that fit kiddy snacks/ lipstick/ phone ALL-IN-ONE ?) and finally, my sunglasses- My current every-dayers are the HENNING model from my SHOP.

Meal you’d cook to impress?
The meal would be an Easy Mezze Platter of hummus/ baba ganoush/ vegetable skewers/ Fattoush Salad. I just love all those fresh Lebanese flavours.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I draw inspiration from my life and my circumstances. I think of my own “style desires” here & now and try to fill them by designing or sourcing products that I would wear for the SHOP. I draw a lot of inspiration from NATURE especially water. I love the idea of the current being a force that can bring renewal & hope. I’m inspired by the flow of the spirit & promptings from a voice inside. Also, I’m so inspired by OTHERS who are creative and just love people and their energy and enthusiasm.

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!

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#InstaLove – The Bright Company


My second favourite pastime is lounging around. Sunday’s, lazy days, sleeping in, all sound like heaven to me. Doing it in gorgeous pjs? Great. Doing it in matching pjs with C & H? Even better! The Bright Company make unisex sleepwear and bedding for kids and adults. And they’re made in Britain.

They’re the kind of pjs I would let my babes wear out, they’re that good. I love Alienor for that! Her Instagram is full of bright colours and gorgeous patterns. You can follow @thebrightcompany or go and buy some for yourself (and the kids!) www.thebrightcompany.co.uk

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
Sadly, my phone, as a working mum the convenience of having my company in my pocket is too just too handy.
My Pantone book, colour is so important to us, the shades have to be just right.
The sea, not exactly an item but living by the sea is so important to us as a family.

What would you cook to impress?
Usually seafood, although I don’t often invite people over for dinner I feel I need to impress!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere! Inspiration is all around us. My children influence the styles we make, I see what works and doesn’t work on them, they are our product testers. Print inspiration can come from anything, graphic design, interiors, fashion.

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!


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#InstaLove – Midwifeyhooper

Midwifey Hooper

Clemmie Hooper is probably one of my most inspiring Instagram accounts. She’s a mama, a midwife, she’s writing a book, she has a brilliant blog AND she’s pregnant with twins. How can you not be inspired!

Stylish, likes a cocktail, amazing home decor and all about empowering women – she’s bloody fab!

You can follow @midwifeycooper on Instagram and read her blog www.gasandair.com here.

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
My phone, my cleaner and my family

Meal you’d cook to impress?
I’d cook a massive Spanish paella and invite all my pals over

Where do you get your inspiration?
I’m constantly inspired – by my midwifery colleagues, my kids, my hard working and positive thinking husband, and my amazing mum friends online and offline!

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!


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#InstaLove – Style Me Sunday

Style Me Sunday

There’s a theme to my #InstaLove posts, amazing women doing their thing and doing it well. Natalie is another one of those women.

She’s a midwife who’s taking some time out to focus on other things, she’s a mama, style blogger and co-founder of House of Mamas – connecting mums and brands together. If you like red lips, good food, style and interiors, you’re good love @stylemesunday as much as I do.

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
A note pad a pencil – I like to doodle and I prefer to write lists down on paper
No.7 50 spf face cream – I use it every day even in the winter.
I always have to have a lipstick with me. (Usually Myth or Lady Danger from MAC defending on the look of the day).

What would you cook to impress?
I love seafood so if I was cooking to impress I would go to my local fish monger (yes I have a small independent one very me) and buy the biggest, baddest prawns I could find and cook them in some garlic butter.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspirations comes from cruising around the internet or Instagram looking at other bloggers for fashion inspiration. My girls are also a great inspiration for me, they love to shop with me and give me their ‘expert’ opinion, which is usually more often than not right.

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!

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