Yeah. That’s an attention seeking title huh?

I am, at this moment in time, classed as a kept woman. I know, how 21st century of me. My husband (the bloke) goes out to work every weekday, and I stay at home doing homely things, like looking after our kids, keeping the house tidy(ish) and tapping away on my little piece of the internet. I had to fill in a form the other week and needed to tick a box that said I was ‘supported’ by the man of the house. How rude, I reckon we support each other thanks and shit.

I don’t have an actual job no. I’m not studying anymore & I don’t plan to go to uni next year either. So what exactly am I doing with my time? Why haven’t I found a job yet? How can I be satisfied as a kept woman not earning her own money? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND FEMINISM??

I hear ya.

But you know what? I’m ignoring you. Because, right now, this works for us. Ok, I’m not bringing in hundreds or thousands of pounds each month, but I’m also not spending it on childcare either. I’m here when the kids get in, I’ll be here in the half term and the summer holidays instead of paying someone to be there for them, and, here’s the best bit, I get to lay in with them for 6 whole weeks. So, up yours.

Not really.
Well, a little bit up yours.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to do this forever, I would be SO bored after a while. But I do have things to do during the day, and believe it or not, this blog does actually keep me busy AND provides a teeny tiny bit of money occasionally, so if I’m happy, the bloke is happy and the kids are happy (well, the teenager isn’t always happy but that’s another story) then, in the nicest sense, what the f*ck has it got to do with you? This is what works for us, and we’re going to carry on doing it for as long as we like.

I am lucky that the bloke is able to ‘support’ me & also gets that I don’t want to farm our kids off somewhere so I earn just enough to pay for childcare. But he’s also lucky because he can flit around and do all his work stuff without even a second glance at the calendar or kid activities because I’m here. Plus, hello? Have you seen his wife? Hot as…..

It’s a win win situation.

Life isn’t about ticking boxes and fitting into the norm. It’s about making memories and being happy. However that happens. We have chances to make memories every day, like watching my sons face as the plane took off on his first ever flight, or seeing my teenager dancing in the kitchen when she thinks I’m not watching (then hitting me when she realises I am and oh how we laugh…) seeing the bloke look at me like I’m the only woman in the world while we sneak a weekend away together.

They are the moments that count. Living a life to create memories, find adventure, take risks and be happy, that’s what it’s all about.

If you don’t agree with me, then you’re wrong. Soz and that.

Peace out.






If you read part one the other day (thanks for reading and stuff!) then, tah dah! Here is part 2!

Friday was another day of walking and sightseeing. We went to the flower market and grabbed some black tulips, and discussed the possibility of Kate moving to Amsterdam and opening a flower shop herself. We then quashed that discussion pretty quickly, cos, well, real life.


We wandered and wandered and wandered. Top tip? Don’t wear trainers in 30 degrees heat when you’re going to walk around 90 miles in a weekend. Hot, sweaty, swollen feet will never be attractive. Ever.

We had a canal cruise booked for the evening, so we grabbed some lunch (and more alcohol) but the bloke got more than he bargained for when a Dutch pigeon took a fancy to him and pooped on him and his phone several times. My god, I laughed……! He actually made us move tables in the end, with me following behind (carrying alcohol obviously) laughing my head off. *loving wife alert*.


After a brief siesta in the hotel, we made our way back into town, grabbed some more booze (I’m worrying myself here….) and some snacks, watched the people of Amsterdam finish work and meet up with their loved ones – Europe always does down time so much better than London, the kids all join in with everything, people look relaxed and happy and everything just feels, nicer. It’s probably because I’m on holiday but I always want to move where I visit…..!


The canal cruise was brilliant! An hour floating around the canals of Amsterdam, soaking up the last of the sun and some of the history. Loved it. I am turning into a bit of a history freak if I’m honest, old buildings, stories from the past, I’d rather do that than go to a club and get smashed. Look at me, all grown up at last!






Then, more food, more booze and more walking. Round the Red Light District. Had to be done! It sort of came from nowhere (pardon the pun) shops, shops, shops, naked women doing bizarre dances in windows. Obviously the red lights round the window should have given it away, I dunno, I blame the booze?



It’s quite odd actually. You find yourself thinking, should I look, should I not look? Should I be giving the bloke a dig for looking…..? To be honest, they all looked quite plastic and robotic, it was far from sexy.

Saturday was our last day *sad face* so we checkout of the hotel, grabbed breakfast and coffee, then did a little bit of shopping and sat in one of the huge parks sunbathing and napping. I say sunbathing, I mean sun-hiding and moving with the shade of the trees, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.






Our flight was at 6.40pm so we hit the airport at 4ish, had some Chinese, then checked in. The flight was delayed so we may have made use of the massage chairs in the lounge, at this point my feet were literally on fire (trainer issue) and I was dreaming of taking them off. Easy Jet had other ideas though, they made us wait in what I can only call a greenhouse for an hour and a half, only to tell us the plane had broken down (falangees??) and could we make our way to another gate where we could board another plane. Of course there was a giant bundle (love that word) with people flying to the gate (hello husband who made it to first in the queue!) where we then had to wait for the crew to grab a coffee and water and saunter over to the plane, then they had to prepare, then lost some passengers.

Then…. we got on, seat belts on please, ready to fly, clap clap, oh look at that, we’ve got no fuel….. What!? So we then sat on the plane for another hour waiting for someone to find some fuel in the Schiphol. (Uh huh, I learned me some Dutch while I was waiting). But to be fair, they did offer us a complimentary plastic cup of water, so can’t complain…..!

Three hours later than planned we were on Gatwick turf, the trainers were off and we were almost home to the babies. Travel bug reignited, Amsterdam love increased and marriage refreshed. I reckon it was a bloody good trip.



Last week the bloke took me to Amsterdam for my birthday, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for at least 10 years, but you know, life and stuff gets in the way!

My friend was looking after the kids and dogs for us, and we flew, on an actual plane, without the kids (hello guilt trip alongside real trip!) for three whole days of us time. Oh my god the excitement!

These two posts are going to be really picture heavy. I was going to be a good blogger and take my proper camera, but, you know, I’m not a good blogger and my iPhone is soooo much easier to use!

We stayed at the Citizen M Hotel, which, hello!? Amazing future funky modern hotel of loveliness! Control the lighting, temperature and music with the iPad? Yes please. Now on my bucket list is to stay in the Paris and New York versions. I’ll never get bored of changing the colour of the lights while the bloke is showering.

Lets discuss the shower shall we? In a glass pod in the middle of the room. Oh yes. If you’re sharing a room with someone in the Citizen M, then you’re going to have to be quite close. The loo is also in a glass pod, but luckily it’s frosted. Phew. Ain’t nobody wanting to see *that*.

The bed, huge and square, which is what shape all beds should be in my opinion, is right in the window, and oh, so comfortable. Fluffy pillows, great mattress. Apple TV, the hotel was designed for us!

We got there at 2pm on Thursday, checked in and then jumped on a tram to get to the centre. Can I just say, if our public transport was like Amsterdam then I’d be more than happy to use it, and that’s saying something. Also, the bikes. Everywhere. People on their phones, on their bikes. Riding in 2’s, chatting away, no one beeping or swearing at them (that I could understand anyway) to get out of the way. Take note London.

We did a fair amount of drinking in the sunshine – which was full on blasting for us, we hit 30 degrees at one point, how about that for luck! We chatted, we relaxed, people watched and just generally unwound from the stresses of normal life. Gah, I want to go back…..!
















Hands up if you’re a fan of dim sum? I bloody love it so when I was invited to Royal China in Baker Street to try their lunch menu I was all over that email.

As the bloke works in London and we very rarely get lunch together, I thought it would be perfect to meet him, so being the kind wife that I am, I invited him along. I know, I’m all about the love. It was a little romantic break in the day after the low of coming home from Amsterdam!

I absolutely love Chinese food, if I get the option of choosing what we eat, 99% of the time it will be Chinese, so I was really looking forward to visiting one of the best restaurants in town.

Located a short walk from Baker Street tube station and a few doors down from Royal China Club, which, is *mega* fancy by the way. Celebrities and very expensive food – don’t make the mistake of walking into the wrong place! Saying that, inside Royal China is hardly un-fancy (is that a word?) the decor is amazing, fresh flowers, beautiful tables and incredible service, it is completely unlike any Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to before.

Interior of Royal China Baker Street


Table at Royal China

So, we made our way to our table, the place was packed for 1pm on a Tuesday lunchtime which is always a good sign, but at the same time, fairly quiet which was quite strange (another sign of seriously good food?) and had a look through the menus. We wanted to try as much as possible and there was so much choice, some I wouldn’t want to try, such as chicken feet, I’m sure they’re a delicacy but it’s just not something I could do. What we did choose was incredible.

Pork & Radish Dumpling
Beef Dumpling
Pan Fried Gyozas
Prawn Dumpling Salad
Iberico Sausage Buns
Chicken Siu Mai
Crispy Curry Duck







Not bad for two of us eh! Especially as each portion comes with three of each…!

It’s hard to say which was my favourite, every dish was just so good, but if you forced me to choose, it would probably be the crispy curried duck and the gyozas, I could have eaten all six by myself!! The sausage buns are, so hard to describe! Sweet, fluffy, filled with amazingness, just nothing like you’d expect them to be! I know, my descriptive powers are fabulous aren’t they?

Most dishes were around £5 each which is a really good price anyway, but when you consider the quality of each dish, it’s even better. We were stuffed, we had more than enough for a lunch setting, but we wanted to try as much as possible, I would imagine it would be around £15/£20 per person for a lunch with a drink, which is bloody good value for such amazing food.

One thing I’ll point out, chopsticks (obviously) are standard in the restaurant, but the size of some of the Dim Sum made that quite challenging. I thought I was being my usual, clumsy self, watching everyone using them with style until I spotted a table behind me using forks….! Next time I’ll be requesting one for myself!

Signature Royal China Group Mural

Banqueting Room in Royal China (1)


If you ever find yourself near to Baker Street (or one of their other locations in Harrow, Fulham, Canary Riverside, Queensway or even Singapore) and you want to try out probably the best Dim Sum ever, then you have to visit Royal China. You won’t be disappointed.

PR Visit.


I’m known for a few things amongst those who know me well, and, while some of them aren’t exactly ‘share worthy’ others are. One of those being how much I love my bed. Now, it’s not necessarily because I like to sleep all the time (get your mind out of that gutter – but yes, also that) but just being in bed makes me happy. Fluffy duvets, big, squishy pillows, cotton duvet covers, magazines, Instagram, Netflix – all those things coupled with being hidden away from the world = happy Kate.

So when I was invited by TEMPUR to visit Taplow House in Windsor to see if they could provide the best nights sleep ever, I was hardly going to say no now, was I!

We arrived just after 2pm, driving into a gated car park which protected a stunning building. I love old architecture and the history surrounding them, anything that has a past intrigues me, Taplow House as it stands was built in 1751, altered in 1800 and again around 1840. Although earlier records are vague, whatever was around before it was completely burnt down in about 1660. The cellars still bear scorch marks from that fire. After checking in, we were shown to our room, which consisted of a gorgeous bed, flat screen tv, stunning views over the grounds and a lovely luxury bathroom.



At this point, like any sensible, weary parents, who have either worked all week or battled their way through Easter half term, we decided to lay down on the bed with a cup of tea. Oh yeah, we are proper rock and roll us two. Once we had rested, had a flick through the TV channels (who knew there were TV’s out there that didn’t include kids channels…?) and chatted to each other without interruption, I did what any normal woman would do, I ran an afternoon bath. Now, that’s probably one of the other things I’m known for, I love a bath. Unfortunately, our house owns a bath designed for children, or, very, very small people. You have to make a decision when getting into our bath, do you want your legs under the water, or your upper body. You cannot have both. Choose wisely.


Anyway. The bath didn’t disappoint, it wasn’t overly big but it was deep enough to soak away a good 40 minutes.

We decided we didn’t want to eat at the hotel, as we wanted to explore Windsor, so we made our way into town and had a wander, eventually ending up in one of my favourite places, Wagamama. Yum. Of course, in true British style, it began to chuck it down so we decided to make our way back to our room, and enjoy the chance to just relax.





And a bit of room service naturally.

room service

Now, I was trying to think of ways to describe the mattress without using the same words over and over again. TEMPUR mattresses conform and adapt to the exact shape of your body and support you in a way that makes you feel weightless. The TEMPUR story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to support astronauts during the strain of lift-off. So if that is comfortable, I don’t know what is. The man definitely found the mattress to his liking. I’m assuming this due the INCREDIBLE levels of noise coming from him during the night. I had the window open because it was so warm in the room, which kind of makes me think Windsor is a little confused at the noises it heard Saturday night.

I must admit I woke up feeling like I’d slept well, kind of foggy headed, like I’d been asleep for 17 hours, feeling.

We headed down for breakfast (always a sign of a good hotel is when you get a good breakfast) then we made our way home, back to the little darlings that were missing us, to get ready for another week.


So, if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway for a night or two, Taplow House Hotel is a good bet!

Huge thanks to TEMPUR for sending the man and I away to Taplow House for this review!