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These are a few of my favourite things…..

Since I had my babes I’ve become very sentimental, almost stupidly so, and things have become more special to me. Obvious things like drawings and paintings by my gorgeous ones, little messages they leave me, stickers that appear on my bathroom wall……. I blame the hormones completely!

I have a tattoo dedicated to them and now I have their initials on my necklace thanks to AnnaLou of London. I’ve been searching for the right initial disc necklace for *ages* I could picture it in my mind but nothing ever lived up to my expectations so when I was offered a piece of jewellery from the personalised range and I spotted the necklace I was so happy!

Anna Lou of London’s creations have made a mark on the jewellery and accessories scene – being snapped up by department stores and luxury boutiques like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Harrods, Fenwick (UK) and if I could have one of each, I would!

My necklace is the gold initial disc necklace with a H & C on each disc. I went with the longer chain length because I don’t like feeling strangled by jewellery or clothes and it sits just under my collar bones so it’s perfect. I think it would look fab teamed with a couple of others, in a layered effect.



It comes in three colour ways, gold, rose gold and silver and costs £67.50. Because it’s personalised it can take up to two weeks for delivery but it’s worth it, and I love having my two favourite people in the world around my neck at all times.

Also from AnnaLou of London is my new silver ring, which arrived a few weeks ago but I had to resize it because between us, the husband and I couldn’t get the sizing right…..! (All down to us and nothing to do with the website!) I was debating going with our wedding date on the ring, or something to do with us as a couple, but because I was going through my “I can’t do this” phase with college I wanted to get something that was inspiring and special to me, I love a good quote and one in particular by C.S. Lewis is my favourite, so, on my gorgeous silver band is “Courage, dear heart” I know it’s cheesy to some, but it’s special to me, it reminds me to suck it up and get on with it when I’m having a panic and it will remind me that I can do these things,*did* do those things, and did them well. Everyone needs a little boost every now and then. This is my little reminder.


I decided to wear it on my middle finger, I have my wedding band on my left hand and it’s the only ring I wear on that side, so it’s on the right hand next to my Pandora rings. I only ever wear silver rings as for some strange reason I am allergic to anything else, even white gold. Yet to try platinum but that’s an expensive test…..!


The ring costs £81 and can have up to 21 characters on it so you can create something unique and special to you. I absolutely love AnnaLou of London and it’s a brand I am really proud to be an ambassador of.


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The one with the balancing act.

elephant love

You’d think I’d have this nailed by now. An almost 12 year old and a 5 year old, technically I’ve been a parent for long enough to be able to keep a balance in life, but sadly I haven’t got it nailed. I’m still struggling with being able to switch between my various ‘sides’ – from being sensible Mum to wife to me.

The bloke and I don’t really get a lot of time on our own, unless you count evenings when they’ve gone to bed, and seeing as GG goes to bed at 9pm most nights, it doesn’t leave much of a gap between her going to bed and me falling asleep on the sofa, so those evenings consist of us eating our dinner, watching a bit of shit telly and going to bed. To sleep.

We had our weekend in Paris obviously, but god that feels like a year ago now (it was nearly 9 weeks ago!) and it went too quick. Now we’re back to the normal routine, work, kids, bed, work, kids, bed, it feels like we’ve gone back to being people who just meet up to discuss child based things and then carry on with our own lives again. Obviously we’re not joined at the hip (and I’d be ready to murder him if we were) but once you’ve become a certain version of yourself, it’s really hard to stop it. Being able to switch off while the kids are in bed takes time (and possibly alcohol) and if you’re knackered anyway, it’s not going to happen.

It’s too easy to be those literal ships that pass in the night, only we’re passing in the morning, usually on the stairs as one of us is going out the door and one of us shouting at smaller people to find their bloody shoes. After a while, that free side of yourself gets buried under ‘parent mode’ and it’s really hard to bring it back out.

We’ve been married for 13 years this year (shit!) so dates are a thing of the past, getting dressed up to meet each other at a bar is never going to happen because we live together, lazy weekends spent in bed – eating breakfast, reading papers and, well, screwing each others brains out are long gone. Even if we did have a weekend to do that, we seem to have lost the ability to lay in, we’ve got things we need to get done without the kids ‘helping’ (you know, clearing the shed, putting shelves up, wild stuff like that) Meals out that don’t include colouring books, iPads, kids meals and mini body guards are a rarity. Trying to spend time together as Mr & Mrs is such a big effort that sometimes we (both) think, do you know what? It’s probably easier not to bother.

NO! That’s not good. I read somewhere once that you only borrow your children, your partner is for keeps. So if you don’t put as much effort into your relationship as you do with your kids, then you’re going to be screwed. And this time not literally. It’s too easy to be lazy, to take things for granted but in the end that isn’t going to work. Leave that shed at the end of the garden to go rotten and fall apart because it’s easier than spending the day fixing & varnishing it, then you’re gonna have to take that shed down and build a whole new one. Not that I’m a shed but you get my drift.


When you’re telling kids off for leaving washing here there and everywhere, tidy more bedrooms than you actually sleep in, do homework (again) and constantly have a washing basket full to bursting you don’t really show your sexy side. The bloke walks in the door and I practically throw the kids at him & he thinks “yeah cheers for that” we’re not exactly exuding passion. Obviously we love those little pests more than life itself but sometimes we need to stop & remember that we’re both in our 30’s and we need to concentrate on us as much as we concentrate on them. We also need to step back and remember not to tell each other off for the things we tell the kids off for! Kids, budgets, jobs, responsibilities, they’re all very grown up & everyone needs time off from being an adult once in a while.

How do people do it? Hire regular, weekly/monthly babysitters? Take holidays without kids? (er, major guilt trip couldn’t do more than a weekend!) It’s hard enough making time to see our mates when one can stay home with the kids & leave the other in bed to recover from hangovers, it’s practically impossible to both do it at the same time! It’s got to be done though, I need to start dating the bloke again, before I turn into Nanny sodding McPhee.

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Story of my life.

be you

Hold up. This is a proper post, not a review or even a sponsored post, this is a sit down, and take some time to actually write real words post. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Also, it’s probably a bit deeper than usual. Soz.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, this year started off with me being determined to focus on the good stuff, to create the life that I’ve been going on about forever and here we are at the end of April in the blink of an eye. Everyone says life needs purpose, I tell the kids that they need to do things that make them happy, even if their friends seem to be doing the complete opposite to what that is. But I felt like I was coasting along, doing the odd thing here and there to bring in the money, but none of it was what I really wanted to do. I had so many excuses ready for why I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, money, kids, time, too old, too late, take too long, blah x 3. When I was working full time (pre kids) I was never the kind of person who wanted to be a stay at home mum, but, I had the babies and they were too gorgeous to leave them (and, let’s be honest, the cost of childcare would be covered by me working and that would be it) so I stayed home with them, watched them grow and become these two little people that are now out in the world doing things without me! Argh!

Now they’re bigger I have the time to do what I want to do & I’m doing it. I finally signed up for the first in a long line of courses that I need to complete (and pass) in order to be a fully trained Sexual Psychotherapist. I’m actually taking the steps I’ve spent god knows how long talking about. The kids went back to school on Tuesday, and I spent the whole day at my desk studying. The day went by so fast, I got so involved in what I was reading and learning that it was pick up time before I knew it, no TV, no radio, no distractions. And I bloody loved it.

I want to do something with my life, to leave a mark, to have something that’s mine, that I worked for all by myself, for myself. I want my kids to see how good it is to work hard for something that makes you feel passionate and proud. For the first time in a long time I feel like I know where I’m heading as ‘me’ – which means I’m happier in every other aspect of my life. It’s a win win.


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Framing your Instagram images with Inkifi



Did I tell you I went to Paris last month? I didn’t? Are you sure….!?

Anyway. I did. And while I was there I took a million and one photos on my phone, which, were of course, uploaded to Instagram. Because I am addicted to Instagram, which I’m also sure you’ve noticed! So when I was given the chance to look at the Inkifi range of products I was all over it! Unlike some companies, they don’t just offer standard square prints, they print cards, posters, books and framed or unframed photos. I picked a framed print (in white) and decided to make a collage of my favourite photographs from Paris.

The site is really easy to use, and they also have an app. The hardest part for me was deciding how many images to include in my print (you can choose from 1, 4, 9 or 16 images) and which images to use! I would normally go for photos of the kids but I wanted something remember Paris with, that was special to me and the man.

The way the print turned out was fab, they emailed me a proof so I could check it over (this is an optional extra, you don’t need to do that) and I just made one tiny adjustment, moving the Eiffel Tower out from the centre and putting us in there, and it was good to go. The quality of the images is amazing, I’ve had some instagram prints that have looked grainy but these are perfect. I love the site, and I think next on my list of products will be the square prints and the greetings cards, the square prints will look perfect lined up on my photo shelf.

Inkifi offer free UK shipping and the delivery is quick! If you’re an Insta-Addict, this website could be dangerous!



PR Sample

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Boujies London Candles


Anyone who knows me in real life will know I have a candle obsession. When I was younger it used to be about the shape of the candle, I had houses, flowers, animals, and more. They were never lit, just placed on shelves to look pretty. (When I say younger I mean pre-teens!) Now, I am all about luxury candles, the kind that smell amazing, and fill the room. And as much as I like to keep them, once one has finished, I move onto the next. No more saving!

I was introduced to Boujies London at Christmas last year when my Sister and BIL bought us a natural wax candle and room diffuser in Black Dahlia. They are independent perfumers & luxury candle makers, founded in Spitalfields market in 2009. They wanted to re-discover the natural artistry of British perfumery and develop a range of luxury fragrances, all made in England.

I am in love with this brand. Not only are the candles (and room diffusers) amazing, but the packaging is too. The candles come in a variety of containers, such as gold and stainless steel, all embossed with the logo on the lid, or the side. Then they are placed inside boxes inspired by antique English hatboxes, I literally didn’t want to throw anything away! I’ve kept the boxes for trinkets, and once I have finished with the larger steel container from Christmas, I will be using it for make up goodies!

The gorgeous Chelsea Flowers candle that I was sent is like a tiny tin of expensive paint! Once you’ve opened the lid (with a knife, just like a paint pot) you are met with a fresh, flowery, almost summertime scent. With top notes of gardenia blossom, freesia, peony, tuberose and orange blossom blended with a base of vetiver, cashmere woods and musk.

The candles are reasonably priced, starting at £14 for the smaller pots, ranging all the way up to £68 for gift sets.

The whole Boujies London range can be found here.

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With this ring…

The man and I have been married for 13 years this year. My god. I just had to calculate that in my head to make sure I wasn’t adding it up wrong! Thirteen years!!

We (it was my idea obviously!) always wanted to renew our vows when we got to 10 years, but that anniversary came and went without even so much as a blink of an eye and I just didn’t get my finger out to organise it. I’d like to think that we might do it on our 15th wedding anniversary, 20th seems too far away! It happens that our 15th wedding anniversary falls in the same year that I turn 35 and he turns 40 (cough, that’s forty!) we’ve already decided we want to hit New York together for a long weekend for a joint celebration, so it could be a good year for partying!

When I think back to our wedding day, I can remember it all clearly, every second of it, my Dad standing on the back of my dress (both feet) and not knowing if he should jump or hop! (poor sod!) The car being late to pick me up, head butting the seat in front when it stopped suddenly (never mind whiplash I was more concerned that my tiara was knocked sideways!) to the beautiful speeches & the shoes coming off so I could dance! The whole thing was amazing. But, if I was to do it now, it would all be different, but only style wise. My dress would be different, my shoes would be different. And my wedding & engagement rings would certainly be different! Since buying them, all those years ago, I’ve become allergic to them, which really upsets me.

I’m allergic to the nickel in the wedding ring, apparently gold that’s older than a certain year (way to make us feel old!) has a higher nickel content. My engagement ring is white gold, but my skin reacts to the rhodium. So out of three gorgeous rings, I can only wear my eternity ring. Had I known that I would be reacting to them within hours of putting them on, I would have gone for a titanium ring that is suitable for people with allergies. Of all the things I can be allergic to, it has to be expensive jewellery. Says it all really doesn’t it!

Because I have small hands and fingers, I’m thinking of investing in a diamond set wedding ring, which will replace the engagement and wedding band. I can keep it thin enough to sit nicely on my finger net to my eternity ring. Something like this eternity ring. Or this one! The Man is still able to wear his wedding ring (luckily!) but when I do change mine, we want to have matching ones again, he would want something plain, simple and stylish like these men’s platinum wedding rings.

PicMonkey Collage

We actually got married in December, even though it was a beautiful day, we even had a rainbow over the house as my dad and I left, but all the pictures that make me want to re-do it are summer scenes, so I’m thinking a beautiful day in late July or early August, nothing massive, just a ceremony to celebrate fifteen years (or more) of being married to my best friend. I know GG wants us to do it, but that’s so she can be a bridesmaid again! TB is convinced he’s going to marry me when he’s older so he might not be too happy with the idea but I’m sure I can persuade him with the promise of a new tie! (He’s obsessed with wearing ties like grown ups!)

Yup, the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. And we all know I love a project!

Thank you to Wedding Rings Direct for giving me new ideas & something other than hand operations to think about! See my disclosure page for more info.

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