I don’t tend to join in with linkies, purely because I always seem to forget but I really, really love Morgana’s blog Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat and her friday link up so I made notes and reminders to ensure I didn’t forget this one.


It’s been a bit of a shit week really, world wise. And it’s generally times like these that you appreciate the things you have in your life so the #LittleLoves tag is perfect.


I have 3 bookshelves in my living room, all full of books (obviously) and a whole pile of magazines to catch up on, but this week I have mostly been reading blogs. I’ve launched a new site with a couple of other bloggers and so I’ve really been getting lost in the world of websites. I have a few faves that I head to every day without fail, like Noah and the Girls, Hannah Gale and Modern Mummy but I love finding new ones to read, ones that just ‘click’ with me, ya know?




Ohmygod! Sons of Anarchy. I know this series is like, 6 years old or more? But this week we *finally* got round to watching the very last episode. Jax died, Gemma got caught, Bobby was killed, all the baddies got their payback, bloody LOVE SOA.

Now my evenings are free for Love Island (don’t judge) and OITNB.



Um. Dinner? A mess? I’m going to have to work on this area of #LittleLoves. I did make a decision, which kind of counts doesn’t it? I’ve been beating myself up trying to find a job that fits in with the family, won’t take me away from the kids 5 days a week and won’t cost more than I earn in childcare but there is nothing out there at the moment. So, I’ve decided to take the summer off, spend it with my babies and start again in September. And breathe……


I’m a natural redhead which means I have pure white lashes and brows. I tint my brows at home once a month, but tinting my lashes is a bit harder, A; you need to lay down really while they develop and it’s quite hard to do that yourself (not lay down, I can do that bit well easy), B; I have to leave it on for a LOT longer than the packets suggest and C; it just doesn’t last long enough for it to really be worth it. It also costs quite a lot to get it done every month. So, when I saw Rimmel had a mascara that tints your lashes while you wear it, I was all over it! I’ve only been using it a week, so I haven’t really noticed any different yet, but fingers crossed!

Also, in the face theme, I’ve been smothering myself in Superfacialist Rose Face Oil from Boots, in the hope that it will help with the ridiculous breakout I had, and it has, almost overnight the redness reduced and now they’re almost gone, try it!



Couldn’t be anything other than Adele at Glastonbury. I love that woman. I swear, if we were in the same room we would be best mates in seconds. She swears as much as I do, has amazing nails and I just love her. Serious girl crush.



Check out my new project, www.the-take.co.uk – A no BS take on everything life. I’ve teamed up with Aimee Horton and Charlotte Nash and we are proper proud of our work so far! It’s gone live today, so grab a cuppa and have a read!






A few weeks ago, I was feeling really down in the dumps, proper miserable and I don’t even know why. Everything felt like an effort and I just had no motivation to do anything. I think PMT probably played a huge part in that (hormones from hell I like to call it) but still, I was just, BLAH.

I realised that when I felt crappy, I ate crappy food which then made me feel worse, and so on. So, once the mood lifted a little, I decided I would try and change some things to help myself feel better. One of them, for me, is my weight. Not in a “I must be a size 0″ type way,  because, I don’t think my skeleton could be a size 0, but when I feel better about myself, life is generally better. Ya know, girlie shit.

I’ve tried *so* many different diet plans, but I’ve realised (there has been a lot of realisation lately!) that I tend to mix the best bits of each diet, so essentially, I end up eating all the avocados, dark chocolate and diet coke. Which, obviously doesn’t give the desired result….! What has worked for me in the past is Slimming World. After years of trying to fall pregnant, failed IVF’s and heartbreak, a few months on Slimming World saw me dropping a stone or so, and I fell pregnant. After I gave birth, and had a good 4 stone to lose, I went back to class and got right down to my ideal weight, within months. Then I stopped going.

Shake yourself you silly girl.

So anyway. 7 years later, I know what works, I know I don’t have the type of body that can eat whatever they want, I have to work at it. I feel like I’m in that place again now, my willpower is back, and I’m determined to finally shift the weight. Again.

My first week has gone VERY well. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything, we’ve had good meals – I’ve enjoyed the cooking as much as the eating – and I lost 5lb! I was quite strict with myself, sticking to all the free food and making sure my syns were within the limit. This week, I’m feeling even more motivated, because I want to carry it on. And I’d quite like that half a stone certificate next week. Just call me shallow. I’ve stocked the fridge and cupboard full of the good stuff, the teenager actually commented that our trolley was 2/3 green – which can’t be a bad thing!

Hopefully, the change in diet, some weight loss and generally healthier living will help stabilise these stinking hormones, clear my skin up and it might even tackle the polycystic ovaries while it’s at it.

You never know….!




A few weeks ago (where does the time go?) we were invited to have breakfast at Sea Life London Aquarium. I know, how fancy! But wait, it gets better. Not just a random breakfast, breakfast with some of the cutest little animals (mammals?) around. The Penguins at Penguin Point!

Sea Life London, which is situated right next to the London Eye is absolutely huge, and full of fish, sharks, turtles and now, it’s home to the Gentoo Penguins.

We decided to drive into London for this visit, as it was nice and early and we wanted to avoid the trains on the way home, so we got there with plenty of time to spare, and grabbed a lovely hot coffee on the Southbank. My kind of Sunday morning! When we got to the Aquarium, which was still closed to the public, we were taken straight to Penguin Point where we were given (more) coffee and a delish breakfast of pastries and fruit. Surrounded by the penguins!


It’s such a great attraction, the area is huge and you can watch the penguins in their environment, in and out of the water, even under water which was amazing. The boy was transfixed watching them jumping in and out of the water. The whole set up has been designed exactly for the Gentoo penguin breed, the right temperature, the lights change according to the time of day, and although there is no physical outside, the conditions are controlled exactly. It’s completely closed in, so that nothing in thrown into their living area, as this type of penguin is known for eating things the find, and in places like zoos, a lot of people (stupidly) throw things like sticks and rubbish into the enclosure, which, of course, can really cause damage.



Once breakfast had finished, we were given the chance to walk round the Aquarium again, and really look at everything. Although I hate fish, this place is still magical, walking under sharks will never be boring! I have to be honest, I have never even noticed the Sea Life in London, but now we’ve been, I’m wondering how on earth I missed it! From the outside you would never know how many amazing creatures they hold inside!

Tickets to the Sea Life London Aquarium can cost from just £19.50 when you buy them online, but they have a whole load of options available.

We were given complimentary tickets for this event. Massive thank you to Sea Life London Aquarium for having us!


I’m sitting in my garden typing this. The birds are chirping away, the sun is shining and I’m about as chilled as some of the people I saw in Amsterdam. Without any herbal help.

However. If you had seen me yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that, you would have wondered if I should perhaps be locked away in a room. On my own. For your safety.

I’m talking PMT people.

Not the “oh my wife has PMT, I better offer her chocolate” kind of PMT (although, for future reference husband of mine, that will always be welcome) but the kind where I start to question my own sanity. If you’re female, you know what I’m talking about. That red mist that descends for no actual reason. Someone could cut you up in a car park, or they could cough quietly behind you in a queue and you are literally squeezing your fists together in case you punch them. Some bloke had the audacity to drive out of the entrance to the car park yesterday. It bugged me for FOUR HOURS.

I mean, that’s not normal is it!

And don’t even get me started on the people that live with me. I am positive that they actively try to irritate me during bitch week. Rubbish left laying around, clothes on the floor, wanting me to feed them, talking to me and expecting a coherent reply which means I have to pretend to listen and make sure my sighs are silent. It’s relentless.


I think it’s got worse the older I’ve got. I’m not on the pill anymore (because that made me mental for the whole month, not just one week of it, so kind of defeated the object of being birth control as the bloke didn’t want to be anywhere near me…) so when my hormone levels drop, they drop big time.

Apparently, there are two types of PMT. One where you’re sad and weepy and one where you’re irritable and bloated. Hands up if you can guess which one I have….

This morning I felt normal again, and it’s once I’m feeling me again that I can see just how batshit crazy I was the day before. After an inward cringe and a general apology to, well, anyone who came into contact with me that I need to speak to again, I decided it was time to tackle this bastard.

Hello Google.

So, Agnus Castus (not Angus Cactus if you’re interested, don’t ask for that) lets see if you’re all you claim to be. 3 months of these little pills and I should be magically cured of all PMT ails.
Or, alternatively, I may be looking for a little box room to move into for one week each month, because I quite like my marriage so it would be fun to keep it, ya know?




Yeah. That’s an attention seeking title huh?

I am, at this moment in time, classed as a kept woman. I know, how 21st century of me. My husband (the bloke) goes out to work every weekday, and I stay at home doing homely things, like looking after our kids, keeping the house tidy(ish) and tapping away on my little piece of the internet. I had to fill in a form the other week and needed to tick a box that said I was ‘supported’ by the man of the house. How rude, I reckon we support each other thanks and shit.

I don’t have an actual job no. I’m not studying anymore & I don’t plan to go to uni next year either. So what exactly am I doing with my time? Why haven’t I found a job yet? How can I be satisfied as a kept woman not earning her own money? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND FEMINISM??

I hear ya.

But you know what? I’m ignoring you. Because, right now, this works for us. Ok, I’m not bringing in hundreds or thousands of pounds each month, but I’m also not spending it on childcare either. I’m here when the kids get in, I’ll be here in the half term and the summer holidays instead of paying someone to be there for them, and, here’s the best bit, I get to lay in with them for 6 whole weeks. So, up yours.

Not really.
Well, a little bit up yours.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to do this forever, I would be SO bored after a while. But I do have things to do during the day, and believe it or not, this blog does actually keep me busy AND provides a teeny tiny bit of money occasionally, so if I’m happy, the bloke is happy and the kids are happy (well, the teenager isn’t always happy but that’s another story) then, in the nicest sense, what the f*ck has it got to do with you? This is what works for us, and we’re going to carry on doing it for as long as we like.

I am lucky that the bloke is able to ‘support’ me & also gets that I don’t want to farm our kids off somewhere so I earn just enough to pay for childcare. But he’s also lucky because he can flit around and do all his work stuff without even a second glance at the calendar or kid activities because I’m here. Plus, hello? Have you seen his wife? Hot as…..

It’s a win win situation.

Life isn’t about ticking boxes and fitting into the norm. It’s about making memories and being happy. However that happens. We have chances to make memories every day, like watching my sons face as the plane took off on his first ever flight, or seeing my teenager dancing in the kitchen when she thinks I’m not watching (then hitting me when she realises I am and oh how we laugh…) seeing the bloke look at me like I’m the only woman in the world while we sneak a weekend away together.

They are the moments that count. Living a life to create memories, find adventure, take risks and be happy, that’s what it’s all about.

If you don’t agree with me, then you’re wrong. Soz and that.

Peace out.