Yup. That old chestnut.

I don’t think you can be a mama without feeling some sort of guilt at the end of every day. There’s always something you wish you hadn’t/had done, it’s like an actual law once you’ve given birth, you must beat yourself up forever more.

My guilt is this. A; I hardly ever see my two, especially my youngest, and B; said youngest is out of the house every single evening after school. Both of these are due to the fact that I decided now would be a good time to start studying my backside off.


When I started the access course back in April (why does it feel like it was year rather than months ago?) I knew it would be hard work, I wasn’t expecting it to be *this* much hard work. Two days a week at college, easy to manage childcare around that, and they probably wouldn’t even know I was missing. But they do. H, not so much, she’s now at the age where she’d rather be at her friends house, or upstairs in her room with them. As long as there is food, music and wifi, she’s happy. But C, he goes to his grandparents on a Monday, beavers on a Tue, childminder on a Wed, his friends on a Thur and has taekwondo on a Friday. I know none of these things are torture for him, but it does make you realise why he’s a little bit grumpy and knackered come Friday afternoon. He’s tall, and loud, and confident, but he’s still only six, and really, he needs afternoons at home watching telly and vegging out. But then, where does the study time fit in? I’m at college till 9.15pm on a Monday, all day Tue & Thurs so that only leaves Wed and Fri to get the INSANE amount of college work done, and I’m not even slightly joking when I say insane.

Then there’s the future guilt. You know, the stuff that hasn’t even happened yet but you’re still worrying about it. What if I *do* get into uni, and what if I *do* become a midwife. He’s already asked me if he will still see me once I’m a midwife! ARGH! The heartstrings……!

I know I don’t have do any of these things, I could stay at home, cooking and cleaning but then there’s a different kind of guilt, one that feels like I’m kind of wasting my life by not at least trying.

So then it’s the whole cycle of guilt all over again.

Great this parenting lark isn’t it!



Remember way back in August when there was time to do fun stuff with the kids? No, me either. But apparently we did do fun stuff, and one of the best days out was DreamWork’s Shrek’s Adventure!

It’s an interactive adventure in London’s County Hall, right on the river and next to the London Eye, and, as every single person in the house loves the Shrek films and show, we were all really looking forward to going, despite the weather!


First thing you notice when you arrive? A HUGE Fiona at the door, surprisingly, even though there were (obviously) queues to have pictures taken with her, it moved quite quickly and kids got their chance to say hi. Then we joined another queue (there is a bit a queuing theme in this post but the whole experience was worth it) which took us through a green screen bit, where we had to pull some funny moves off, not quite sure we had that nailed, but it made us laugh and then we moved onto the next waiting area. Now, my two were good at waiting because they’re that little bit older and there was enough to entertain them on the way round, characters walking past, the decor looking like we were in a Shrek film, plenty of sounds to listen to, but I think younger kids would probably have got a bit fed up waiting for so long, an hour in total I’d say, but it was the middle of the summer holidays, a new attraction and, Shrek, so it’s forgivable!

We soon reached the first attraction, and, had to put our phones away so we didn’t spoil the surprise for anyone seeing it on social media.

We made our way into a bus depot where we had to wait for our magical bus, which Donkey was flying of course. The bus, a 4d, wrap around simulator was AMAZING. I have never seen anything like it before. Charlie was convinced we had flown out of the building and done a tour of London, through the Thames and into China where we flew with Kung Fu Panda, then a little session with Toothless and his friends, and finally, the witches from Shrek. Honestly, the best simulator ever and if that had been it for the attraction, I would have been happy! But, off we got, once we’d reached Far Far Away.

We then went through loads of different rooms (I don’t want to spoil it for you!) meeting all the characters you could think of, each time a person in our group had to take an item to the next room with a message for the character, eventually, leading us to freedom. There were plenty of jokes for the adults to appreciate, but to be honest, every one of us was enjoying the kids jokes just as much!





It was such a well thought out, fun adventure. I can’t think of anything else like it that we’ve seen, so every single queue was more than worth it. The kids still talk about it now, and next time we watch Shrek, we’ll feel like we’ve been there with him!

You get the chance to buy a book at the end of the adventure with all the photos taken of you, it’s an amazing book and I really wish we’d bought it now, but, alas, being a full time student we’ve had to cut back on a fair few things so we just bought our favourite shot of the day. I think it captures the whole day perfectly!


Oh! And how can I forget! At the end, just as we’re making our way to the exit, who do we meet? The one and only, real life, 7 foot hunk of a man, Shrek! (This is where Charlie went into panic mode and wouldn’t talk to him, but Holly and I made up for that!)

If you’re looking for a day out with a different, I cannot recommend this enough. Tickets cost from £23.40 and the adventure is open from 10am-6pm Monday – Saturday and 10am – 5pm on a Sunday.

Huge thanks to Shrek’s Adventure for inviting us along! 


It’s been a pretty good year for me so far (touch wood!) I’ve finally found my calling in life, and I am actually taking steps towards it. It may have taken me 34 years to get here, but I’d say that was all good life experience! We’ve welcomed a new pup to the family, finally got the dream car, the kids are doing AMAZINGLY well at school, I’m doing really well at college, the bloke is doing really well at work.

We’ve had such a good summer, this year we broke up the loooong 7 weeks with a holiday to France which was just gorgeous. We had nothing but pure sunshine and relaxation for the whole time we were there and the kids absolutely loved it. We’re planning next years holiday already!

I’m really trying to remain chilled and calm (trying being the operative word there) but I’m sure once the kids go back to school and we start a routine again things will feel more organised, I’ve got my yoga and pilates classes planned, I’m back to college and starting my maths GCSE (again) so I will really need to stay on top of that whole calm thing! Feeling organised and in control makes me feel super, as well as having a bit of time to myself, and some alone time with the bloke. As well as having some quality time with the kids…..!

But, I’m not the only one feeling super. Oh no. The #FeelSuper campaign is a partnership between Superdrug and P&G in support of Marie Curie, which, throughout 2015, aims to raise £100,000 for the charity.

New mum Frankie Bridge is supporting the campaign, and, from the 26th August to 22nd September, each time you buy any Pampers product from Superdrug, your purchase will trigger a donation to Marie Curie. Find out more at Superdrug.com/feelsuper.

All money raised from the campaign will go towards helping Marie Curie provide expert care, guidance and support to people with a terminal illness and their families. Marie Curie Nurses work night and day, either in people’s homes or in one of the charity’s nine hospices, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support to those that need it.

To celebrate and promote this campaign I’ve been given a months worth of Pampers wipes to give away to one person, all you need to do is tell me what makes you feel super – pretty easy eh!

The competition closes on the 22nd September!

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I know it’s only their second week off school, but I like to be organised you know!

Especially now I have two different types of uniforms to buy. H needs the proper, grown up stuff – blazers, knee length skirts (more on that later) and badges while C is still in the “how long will these trousers actually last” stage. Because both of my kids seem to be extra long and fast growing, I really resent spending a fortune on uniform, especially when they’re all pretty much as long lasting as each other.

I’ve never really tried George at Asda before, usually preferring a different supermarket brand but when I had a look online at their stuff, I was pretty impressed! The blazers (which I bought in M&S last year for over £20 and it is now too small for her) cost up to £12 – up to! As in, that’s the maximum price not the minimum *and* they’re a really good fit, I am a complete convert! I now don’t mind if she outgrows it halfway through the year, because it costs less to buy two than it did to buy the original one. Bargain. Skirts are a little bit harder to find online for us, only because the school needs to them to be knee length and my daughter has legs that rival Naomi and or Bambi. That, or all uniform manufactures think school girls are short. I cannot get a skirt to finish anywhere near her knee, never mind on it. We’re going to take a trip to the good old fashioned uniform superstore that I used to get my school stuff from way back when. If they don’t have the right length then she’s just going to have to walk on her knees or something.

My biggest challenge with the boy is keeping t-shirts white and trousers hole-less. That’s it. Nothing too difficult. The t-shirts in question cost £3 for a pack of two – naturally I stocked up and now own four packs. It always pays to be prepared with a 6 year old boy in the house! Trousers, from the bargain price of £3, I mean, come on!

Of course, all these savings on uniforms will probably be cancelled out by the extortionate price of school shoes, but I stand by my argument of making a saving in one place to spend it wisely in another…….! And, to me, cheap shoes are pretty much a waste of time, I’ll end up replacing them at least twice if not more so I may as well pay out for a pair that will fit the entire school year. That is, of course, as long as the feet don’t grow – C is 6 years old and only 6 sizes smaller than me. I’m picturing HUGE feet in his future.

So, it’s not even August yet and I have almost the entire school uniform sorted, shirts, polo shirts, trousers, blazers, backpacks, socks and sweatshirts. All for less than £70!

All I need to do is hit the shops late in the month to grab the shoes (Kickers have been requested by both) and hunt out the right length skirt. I’d say that’s pretty damn successful.

*PR Samples.



Ahhh. School (college) is out for summer and I can finally catch up on everything that I’ve put off!

Ages ago I was asked if I’d like to design some hoodies from LeaversHoodies for all four of us, and, being a slogan lover, I couldn’t say no! I gave the kids the colour choices but I knew what I wanted theirs to say, my two little AG’s, and I had an idea in mind for the bloke and I although I did end up changing my mind, several times…..! Nothing new there! But to their credit, they didn’t once tell me to get stuffed, which shows amazing patience!

We all went with sweatshirts in the end, fire red for C, charcoal for H and good old black for the adults. The quality of the sweatshirts is really good, so soft. It’s the kind of thing you’ll throw on when it starts to get chilly on a summer evening, or when you’re snuggling down with a good book on a rainy afternoon, one of those comforting jumpers. We all went for a baggy size as well, us because we were all about the comfort and the kids because they grow faster than the speed of light so these are going to fit for a good while yet!

Slogan wise, I toyed between several different designs but in the end settled on Mr & Mrs T. Straight to the point! On the back we went with Est 2001. Pretty damn unique if you ask me! I’m all about feminism, but I love having my husbands name smack bang in the middle of my sweatshirt. For the kids, it was nice and easy. AG and their year of birth on the back.


Of course, the whole point of LeaversHoodies is that they can customise your hoodies to whatever you want it to say, they’ve got so many different designs and styles to choose from, I’m pretty sure H’s leavers t-shirt last year came from here (via her school) and it’s such a lovely keepsake. The designers are fab, they literally move things around until you’re happy and they never tell you to stop being so fussy (are you listening husband…!) I am now eyeing up the trackie bottoms, they look so comfortable…..!