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Fancy dress, fancy competition!


We are big fans of Halloween in this house, ever since I can remember I have loved doing a pumpkin each year, loving all the scary stories, witches and ghosts! GG was even due on Halloween (but obviously came 3 weeks early!) so we love a bit of fancy dress and face painting! I’m still determined to have a proper adults only Halloween party one year…. need to get round to that!

Pink Lining are holding a competition at the moment to find inexpensive, homemade costumes. They’re looking for sheet ghosts, toilet paper mummies and ever sock octopi! The best costume is going to win a fab Pink Lining Wheelie case!

Now, while I love Halloween and the kids love dressing up, I have to admit our costumes have always been shop bought! Doing the weekly food shop, stick a costume in the trolley for less than £10, done, so I’ve never attempted to make my own before. I had a look at Pinterest and was *AMAZED* at the efforts out there! Thank god I didn’t get the kids to look because I could have been stuck with some seriously complicated outfits! In the end I decided on skeletons. Nice and simple, and they always look good. Plus, it fitted in with the inexpensive side of the comp!

I grabbed two t-shirts from the mens section in Sainsburys, plain black, short sleeved tops for £5 each. Bargain. Then, I printed out a rib template that I found via Pinterest, via Martha Stewart. Good old Pinterest!

To save you from having to cut out the template twice, while the t-shirt is laying flat on the table, pick up two centre points, top and bottom, and fold down the middle so you just have the left side of the front, and the right side of the front (no back) to cut out. The more arty way of attaching the template would have been to stick it with adhesive spray, but I decided to do it free hand and copied the template straight onto the t-shirt with white chalk, this meant that I could also adjust the size of the ribs for The Boy, because his needed to be a lot smaller than GG’s!


Now, in a more organised house you would be able to find your craft knife and use that, you wouldn’t be presented with a clay knife (plastic of course) by your daughter as a suggestion…! If you live in a house like mine, then you’ll have to use sharp scissors to do the cutting out! I started at the bottom and worked my way up, cutting through both sections so they were a mirror image of each other.


Keep going until finally, you open the t-shirt out and you end up with something like this:


We layered ours over a plain white t-shirt to get a better effect, but you could do it the other way round, whatever you like!

No skeleton is worth his weight in bones without a decent scary face so I attempted my own version of face painting, using my own black eyeliner and shadow! Probably would have been better to get a pot of black face paint, which I’ll probably buy for the actual day, but as practices go, this wasn’t too bad for a first attempt! It was just a case of circling the eyes and filling them in with black eyeshadow, then drawing on the jaw, cheekbones and colouring in the nose. I was quite pleased with myself!


There we have it! My very own scary (if slightly grumpy?) skeleton! All for £5. We’re going to team it with some black skinny jeans and a couple of accessories and he’s good to go. I might even make myself one! If you want to enter the competition, all you need to do is make your own costume, take a picture of it and upload it to the Pink Lining website. You can find all the comp details here.




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Back to school & eBay bargains

I recently worked with eBay on some back to school bargains, you know, polo shirts, backpacks, pens and so on, the kind of things that you need to buy regularly so it’s nice when you find a good price!

You can read the full piece here if you want to, it would be ever-so kind of you!


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Summer Holiday Madness!

I’m just going to start this post with the fact that the summer holidays are almost over. I know, I know. THANK GOD!

But, during those long, long weeks, it can be a complete pain the proverbial to find things for the kids to do that don’t cost a fortune, cause arguments, mean queueing up for hours on end or just give parents headaches. I’m sure when I was a kid on summer holidays I’d find things to entertain myself, and there definitely wasn’t iPads or playstations to muck about on! (I’m not that old ok?)

So when BettaLiving offered to send me a holiday pack with loads of goodies and a list of 20 ideas to keep the kids busy, I was all like “hell yes!” I’m not going to lie!

Obviously when the box arrived we had to have a peep to see what was in there, but at the time the boy was ill, GG was finishing junior school and it was all crazy, so the box was left in the hallway ready for the fun to start. We finally managed to find a day where we had decided we were staying in our pjs all day, not leaving the house and opening the box was the perfect chilled day activity!

We started off with the skittles of course, the boy couldn’t wait to get his hands on those and they’ve been a huge hit every day since! The pizza making has yet to be done, but we’ve decided on toppings (pepperoni and cheese feature heavily!) The numbers plate is my favourite thing ever! Learn your times tables while you eat dinner? Why not!

The start of our show though? The volcano action! Vinegar and baking soda…..

Now this activity has been beyond the best thing about the summer holiday for the boy! Every single day he’s asked if he can do more explosions! When we first did it, I was a bit (lot) daft and did it inside, so the entire downstairs stank of vinegar for the rest of the day, but then we wised up to that and took it outside. You can hear our enjoyment, and the boy does some great commentary at the end!

Next on the list of “this is so much fun!” was the marshamallow challenge.


We started off trying to build the tallest tower using the marshmallows and toothpicks, but we soon found out that an 11yo can build a taller tower a lot quicker than a 5yo and things can get a bit stressy, so we went with the technique of one does tall, one does wide. Anything to keep the peace! Of course, towers would be a lot better if people didn’t keep stealing them as they went….



Kind of defeats the object don’t you think kiddo….!

We’ve still got loads of goodies to get through, the ice lolly moulds are going to be used a lot, I’m going to be hitting Pinterest for some new recipe ideas!

Massive thank you to BettaLiving for sending us the huge box of goodies that have kept us going through the summer!

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If I say that name and you know who I’m talking about, then I feel as sorry for you as I do for me.

I have two Minecraft playing people in my house. Two of them. Playing a game I have never, ever, been able to get my head round. Two of them asking me to look at houses they’ve built and sheep they’ve created in various colours. (FYI, I personally think pink sheep are the best, and if there were real life pink sheep in fields, I would probably spend more time looking at them)

Thankfully, one of my little darlings is only interested in playing the game. She has no interest in listening to the crazy bloke on YouTube who seems to have endless videos of himself playing the game. Talking to himself, laughing at himself with *the* most annoying laugh I have ever, EVER heard. I’m not even joking. I hear that mans voice in my sleep. I find myself chopping vegetables extra hard when I can hear good old Stampy in the living room.

I know it’s good that he doesn’t swear, he keeps the kids entertained, he seems to make perfect sense if you’re under the age of 15 and there are a million worse things they could be watching on YouTube but I can’t bring myself to listen to him for a second longer. Like, stab my ears with toothpicks in order to stop hearing what I’m hearing.

Or, alternatively (and probably less painful) I could stick a set of headphones on the smallest person in the house and regain the joy of music. You know, being able to hear the tv as well as see it is always a nice added bonus. Because let’s face it, subtitles are never in sync and I’m a really fast reader.

The next battle would be rationing the amount of time TB spends on the iPad watching and playing Minecraft. He has pretty busy days at school, he’s a clever kid so he does try his hardest to learn as much as possible, he does swimming twice a week, football twice a week, PE, trampolining and playing with mates so I kind of think a bit of down time each day is a good thing, but once he gets into the ‘zone’ it’s a brave person who steps in and takes it off him! I’ve started doing a countdown, you know, 10 mins, 5 mins, 2 mins left and then you’re off type thing. Because left to his own devices he would be on the damn thing all day long. He’s already asked for an Xbox so he can get the headpiece things and talk to his friends while they’re playing. Firstly, how the hell does he know that’s possible and secondly, what is he going to be like when he’s a teenager?!


Yeah, I have no idea what this picture means either. But apparently, it’s a rule.

Sponsored Post but oh so flipping true.


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Dr Panda’s Toy Cars App

dr panda 2


I have a little boy racer on my hands. When we’re in the car he’s a bit of a back seat driver, telling me if people are going to slow (in his opinion) if I’m going too slow and if I should “take over” them! He loves playing Mario Kart on the wii and he’s already begging me for an XBox One for Christmas. He’s going to be a mini gamer, I can tell.

While he loves all those games, he’s still iPad obsessed, and when Dr Panda (not him personally) got in touch to ask if I had anyone who would be interested in having a play with their new game, I knew just the person.

dr panda 3

Created by leading mobile games developer, TribePlay, Dr Panda’s Toy Cars is a new interactive game that lets kids role-play and use their imaginations.

Kids can drive various types of vehicles while they cruise around two different cities, explore the roads, and get to discover all sorts of hidden surprises! Dr. Panda’s Toy Cars gives children freedom to make up their own stories as they play. Kids can control multiple vehicles at the same time such as a fire truck, police car or even boat! My son is a huge fan of driving the police cars, he’s already told us he’s going to be a policeman on a motorbike next year when he’s an adult…..

dr panda

One of *my* favourite parts of this game? No in app purchases. None. So there is no risk of them spending a bloody fortune trying to pimp their cars or towns. Thank god. The Boy loves it, it’s a nice, simple game, no one gets hurt, there is no crazy building with strange looking bricks and it actually keeps him entertained for a while, so it’s been perfect when I’ve been sat in a doctors waiting room for 45 mins, or when we’ve finished swimming and we’re waiting for his sister to come out of trampolining.

Dr. Panda’s Toy Cars is £1.49 and available worldwide: iOS, Google Play, Amazon App Store

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#GetKidsGardening with Plant Me Now

Can you believe we’ve been in our ‘new’ place for almost a year now? It’s gone so fast! We’re fully unpacked (thank god!) and we’re pretty much set in terms of what goes where and so on, so it’s now time to focus on the garden. Because we were in a flat for so many years, and before then the Bloke and I weren’t really green fingered, we’re not that great at gardening, but there is nothing nicer than a stylish, looked after garden, especially when you have kids.

Both of mine are obsessed with gardening, the boy always wants to dig and walk round with a wheelbarrow, while GG likes to take care of the herb section. I’m sure she would make a brilliant chef! So when I was contacted by Plant Me Now and asked if we’d like to create a space for the kids with flowers, I didn’t have to think twice!

I let the kids scroll through the website and pick some flowers that they liked, there was SO much choice it was difficult to narrow it down, but eventually we went for flowers like  Osteospermum Voltage White, Argyranthemum Madeira Crested Pink and Dahlietta Emily. I did try and keep my selection to my usual colour scheme, the colour I go for in every single room, white, but the kids weren’t having any of it when it was their turn, so we have blues, oranges and pinks as well. Pests!

PicMonkey Collage2

Our garden, when we moved in was in a big mess. The grass was basically dead, the edging was full of dead plants and it just generally needed a proper clean up and some TLC. We relaid the grass in Sep/Oct time (probably should have waited until spring in hindsight but it’s growing nicely now!) we still need to knock down the shed that is clinging on for dear life, but with a little bit of muscle and inspiration we’ve managed to make it look pretty decent between us! We’ve put up a grey fence to give the kids their space, and the adults theirs, we’ve put gravel down the sides instead of the tired looking slate that was there and we’ve got a trampolining coming for the summer hols, so all that was left was the plant side of things. I am obviously no expert on plants and flowers (except the cut ones you can buy to decorate your home with!) so it was great that I could just look through the summer bedding collection and know that they would all be perfect for this time of year. There’s a winter selection too, which I think is great, gardens can look so depressing when it starts to get cold and grey.



Anyone who knows me, and talks gardens with me, will know that I don’t ‘do’ plants in the ground. I am a pot woman. (You know what I mean) so for the massive amount of flowers that turned up from Plant Me Now, I needed to hit the pot shop! In an ideal world I wanted the pots to be white or light grey. Do you think I could find any that didn’t cost over £40 per pot? Considering the number I needed, I didn’t think that was such a good idea! So, with the help of donations from my parents (who by the way are super impressed with our gardening skills!) and a quick visit to the local garden centre, we managed to get over 10 different types of pots for all the flowers.

Again, with the whole colour OCD I have, I wasn’t about the mix the flowers up, they all had their own pots and they were colour co-ordinated! The boy couldn’t wait to get his hands dirty and start digging!




He is such a good helper, as long as he can get dirty he’s happy! And for the record, I also got my hands dirty! I’m taking the photos here but trust me, I had mud and earth under my nails and in my hair! No, no idea how I managed to get it in my hair…..

We planted everything in their containers, fed them with some foul smelling bones and blood feeder type thing that my Dad assured us they liked, and then it was a case of putting them in their new places, which, considering how empty the garden was, wasn’t difficult. Our garden is thin and short, so there wasn’t one area we could place all the flowers together, as a big collective burst of colour, and we don’t get a lot of sun at the top end where I would have like the flowers to go. I imagined sitting at my table in the afternoon, working on my laptop with lots of gorgeous scents and colours around me, but, we have a garden facing the wrong way, with a 3 storey house blocking the little sun there would be, so, all the flowers need to go in a row along one edge of the garden, which, now they’re there, they look good!

We should have got round to planting a lot sooner than we did, I’ve never known my two to be so desperate to water flowers before! There are actual fights over who gets to use the hose and they’ve both asked for watering cans as a treat! Certain colour watering cans of course (they’re obviously my kids!) but still, it’s great that they both want to be in the garden getting dirty rather than sat on the sofa staring at an iPad screen. I’ve given them both the job of making sure the flowers are watered and kept happy. In fact, when Lenny decided he wanted to dig up one of our new orange flowers (the ones the boy picked) he was out there faster than you could say flower police re planting it and telling Lenny to get to his bed. Actually, does anyone have any tips to stop a dog digging…..?!

Now it’s just a case of sitting back and watching our garden bloom. We’re meant to be having a great summer this year, I’m not holding my breath, but it would be lovely to finally be able to sit out there in the sun, looking at all our hard work.

PicMonkey Collage

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