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I can see you……


Not really. I’m not some sort of crazed stalker. I’m talking eyes, or more specifically, eyesight.

During the half term I took both kids to get their eyes tested, as we’d had a letter in the post reminding me about H and C hadn’t ever had one at an opticians, just at the school when he was in reception. So, even though I didn’t think there was anything wrong with their eyes, I thought we may as well get them checked out.

Of course, being kids, they were both praying to be told they needed glasses, I mean, really praying. H actually owns a pair of fake geek glasses that she wears when she’s indoors, they suit her (she suits everything) and I know she think it’s ‘cool’ – or whatever the in word is – to wear them, but she doesn’t seem to realise if you need glasses, you need glasses, it’s not just about the look! Same goes for C, he has a pair as well and he actually says he has to wear them to watch telly, even though they’re fake….. interesting kids I have.

Luckily neither of them needed glasses, in fact, the optician said they had perfect vision, C was told his is ‘super-vision’ which obviously appealed to his Spiderman side! Even though they were both disappointed to be leaving without trying on every single pair of frames in the shop! For the record, both have as expensive taste as I do. It’s in our genes.

The bloke wears glasses, well, he should wear them, we never see him wearing them, I wear them occasionally when I’m reading or on the computer for a loooong time, and both my parents wear them, so I’m not sure where their super vision has come from, but I’m glad they’ve got it – even though medical technology is improving day by day, people still need glasses or lenses at the moment, this piece about Optical Express shows though, that they are trying to work out a way of eradicating it – which, if it happens in this lifetime would be good, especially for those who have to wear them all the time, including the shower! Imagine that, no being able to see all your lotions and potions because you haven’t got your goggles on. Nightmare! I probably should get my eyes tested again, and the bloke DEF needs his done, if you’re reading this husband and you should be, then get that eye test booked ASAP. No excuses!


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Interior Decoration Tips ~ GP

Looking around in your room, if you feel that lighting is not attractive or is too simple, here are some tips that can help you make your room look better and be happy about it.

Know the kind of lighting required in your room
Every room and its arrangement are different. So, it is important to know what kind of lighting will look good in your room.

Have something special in every room
You can fix the same bulbs or lights in every room, but if you can spend some time and think of something different in every room, you can impress your guests. At the same time, it feels good to move in a different environment, every time you switch over to the other room.

We often make this mistake. We choose the paint color first and then look for the furniture and other items in the room. Don’t do this!
Know your furniture, know their places, know the vacant spaces and then choose the paint. Technically, if you choose the paint color last, you can choose a shade that looks perfect for the setting.

Keep some space vacant
It is good to give your furniture some breathing space. Overcrowding your room with furniture will force you to spend more and at the same time will make your room look terrible. So, resist overcrowding your room with furniture items.
Looking for limited furniture items, durability should be your priority. Spending slightly more on good furniture items is a good idea. However, if it is hurting your budget, purchase them from popular online stores like Zoro and use discount coupons to pull down your cash outflow.

If you are planning to hang artwork in your room, make sure that you hand it at the right height. If the ceilings soar, don’t hang the art higher. Relating the height to human scale is important; don’t consider the structure’s scale while hanging the artwork.

Rugs are not important but if you want to place it in your living room, arranging your furniture on it is a decision you have to make.
Here, you have three options: All on, All off and Front on.
All on: If the rug is big enough, you can place every furniture item on it and cover it completely.
All off: This is a cost-effective choice that allows you to keep all legs of the furniture off the rug. This is a good option for small rooms.
Front on: Front feet of your seating pieces should be placed on the rug. This lends a feeling of openness and is loved by many.

Theme or no theme
Generally, it is good to decorate your room without a theme. However, if you are planning to have a theme, make sure that it looks good in your room. There are specific themes that look good in case of small rooms while the others look amazingly good on the big rooms.

Concluding, what else should one do to decorate their rooms?

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Setting Up a Blog – The Technical Bit ~ GP


The other day I was wondering around the web, looking for new ideas for Christmas, and I was amazed to find so many other fashion blogs out there. Quite a few were very new, which reminded me of what it was like to start a blog.
I can’t believe that I started this blog in 2011. It seems like just yesterday. I have enjoyed every minute of it, but for me the steep learning curve was something I could have done without.
Now, I know from some of the notes I get from you guys that many of you would like to set up a blog, but are not sure where to start.
Well finally, I have listened and put together a quick post about setting up a blog or website. Here it is:

One-step at a time
Don’t be daunted by everything you have to learn. Running a blog is just a series of simple steps each of which you can learn in a few minutes from YouTube.
When I started, I knew nothing about writing, posting articles let alone adding images and videos or setting up hosting. To learn each step I just searched YouTube clicked on the most recent video and followed the instructions, which is what I suggest you do.
Therefore, this post is not a step-by-step, click this button, then this button type of article it just outlines the steps you need to take to set up the blog. More of a check list really.

Buy a Domain Name – the first step is to buy a domain name for your website/blog. Try to choose one that will be memorable and reflects what your blog is about.

Buy Hosting – once you have your domain you will need to buy hosting. There are plenty of options. However, avoid the $5 per year type hosting firms. They look like good value for money, but in reality, they rarely provide a good service. If you want to make sure that your blog is not down all of the time, my advice is to buy professional hosting provided by an established hosting provider with a good reputation.

Change the name servers – now you need to point your domain name at your hosting, which means that you have to change the name servers. Sounds complicated fortunately it’s not, just look it up on Google. Also, your domain name registrar will normally tell you how to do it.

Set up content management system (CMS) – again sounds complicated, but it’s not. My suggestion is that you use WordPress as your CMS. It is the most popular CMS, so there are plenty of in depth instructions available.

Post your first article/post – now you are good to go. All you have to do is to get writing. Again, you can learn all about how to write a post, embed videos and photos, from YouTube.

I hope that helps and really look forward to reading your blogs.

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Ask any little girl what they want for their birthday or Christmas present and there’s a good chance they’ll say a pony. Beautiful, exciting and fun, ponies and horses hold a special fascination for girls (and boys) of all ages.

Though a good old hobby horse will suffice for the first few years of their love for all things equine, there comes a time when the only thing that will do is a ride on the real thing.

So if your child is fast outgrowing their hobbyhorse and you’re thinking of moving them up to a real-life pony, here are some things to think about when deciding to adopt a horse.

Owning a horse

The ultimate dream of most little girls is to have a pony of their very own. And if you’re thinking about buying a horse of your own, there are some factors you need to consider to ensure you care for it properly.

For example, you’ll need to commit yourself to mucking out its stable on a regular basis, keeping its hooves clean and clear of debris and grooming it ideally on a daily basis.

Having enough space for your horse to exercise and taking it for regular rides are also very important in ensuring your equine addition stays happy and healthy.

Riding lessons

The best place to start your equine education is with riding lessons. By taking your little girl for regular lessons she’ll get a feel for what horses are like in real life, learn how to ride properly and learn the basics of equine care.

There are riding schools across the country, even in towns and cities, so contact your local centre and book in some sessions.

Horse sharing

If your daughter enjoys the lessons and wants to become more involved with horses, sharing a horse or pony is a good way to progress.

More affordable than outright ownership, horse sharing allows you many of the advantages of owning a horse without all of the associated costs.

However, you will have more restricted access to the horse and may be limited as to when you can go for rides.
For further advice and welfare in helping you to make the right decision to adopt a horse, visit the RSPCA horse information page.

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5 Signs You’re Turning into an Adult

What does it mean to be an adult? You may have more responsibilities, less time for staying in bed, and have the opportunity to watch films for viewing by adults only. In many parts of the world, getting a driver’s licence to drive a car is one of the signs of growing up. Learning to drive is a milestone indeed, but to feel like a “proper” grown up, you have to be able to do more than that. With age comes not only wisdom, but practicality and common sense as well, and you find yourself making decisions, especially financial ones, after only weighing in all the factors.

Here are five of the major signs that you’ve entered the zany yet fulfilling world of adult living.

You can drive and maintain your own car. Driving by yourself is a sign of confidence and independence, two things that will make you go a long way in adulthood. Apart from driving, being able to maintain your car also reflects how responsible you are. You take it to be serviced whenever possible, and you can also do basic troubleshooting should your car suddenly decide to die on you in the middle of nowhere.

You don’t rely on mum and dad to make your financial decisions for you. You’re probably earning your own money by now, or have some saved up. When it’s time to make a financial decision, you ask your parents for their advice but the final say rests entirely on you. Being responsible for yourself is something to be proud of—you may make a few mistakes here and there, but it’s all part of the learning process of being a true-blue grown up.

You are building your own nest and can change your own light bulbs. It’s not just renting a house or room we’re talking about here; building your own nest implies settling down, whether with a partner or on your own. Living by yourself by investing on your own flat or small property is a big step and one that will mark you as an adult. Signs of nesting include buying your own furniture, having “best” towels in addition to everyday ones, changing sheets as often as you can, and getting new light bulbs when the old ones conk out.

Independent living also entails paying for mortgage and utilities, maintaining a garden, and keeping a clean, welcoming house.

You can cook a meal from scratch and clean up after yourself. Similarly, you’re turning into an adult when you are able to cook a meal and clean up afterwards. No, none of those ready-to-eat shenanigans and fry-until-it’s-dry things you can buy at convenience stores. We’re talking about a real meal; something you cook from scratch with fresh meat or fish and vegetables. Keep practising and perhaps you can even make your own signature dish! Cleaning up afterwards can be a real chore, but it’s the right—and adult—thing to do.

You budget every month and have invested in life insurance. You’re not getting younger, you may be taking more risks, and you may also have your own family now. Saving up, making a monthly budget, and investing in a life insurance policy isn’t just for you; it’s for your family as well. Through proper budgeting you’ll be able to cut back on unnecessary expenses so you can have savings to tide you over should anything unfortunate happen. By having insurance, you can be sure that your loved ones will be well taken care of even when you’re not around anymore.

Being an adult doesn’t just mean surpassing a set age; it also means having the right perspective and sense of accountability in everything you do. Enjoy your journey!


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Home Theater on Steroids: Curved Screens Create an Exciting Viewing Experience

Different is other. “Better” or “worse” is to be determined by a given market. Samsung enjoys a history of doing different and new things, notable mentions being thin LED televisions and online app stores. Additionally, the electronics brand continues the trend, planning to release curved-screen televisions.

Will something ‘new’ necessarily be better? Samsung hopes so, but a firsthand experience has some wondering.

Movie Emulation
Many ‘home theater’ attempts seek to emulate movie theater experiences, replete with surround sound, crisp images and an all­encompassing ambiance. Bose and other manufacturers of speakers do well in providing sound, and no one can dismiss the improvement in image quality over the years, yet Samsung wants to bring consumers in more, offering a curved lens, theoretically enveloping a watcher’s field of view like a theater screen.

In theory, the ode to movie ambiances seems like a sound idea, yet some think it limits viewing experience.

As touched upon above, the curved lens limits great viewing angles for multiple viewing parties. Moreover, the curvature of the screen also creates awkward experiences depending on one’s viewing position in regard to height. Additionally, due to regulations, the screen is tilted backward to avoid tipping, which (also) creates awkward angles for viewers.

Advocates of flat screens celebrate the ability to see perfectly from a number of angles as well as the ability to fix screens flush against a surface for mounting.

Multiple Screens
It’s no secret to television manufacturers that viewers are subscribing to multiple screens for entertainment, handling iPhones, iPads and a number of other mobile devices. Theoretically, if one has a decently sized computer monitor, a traditional ‘television’ is obsolete, having the ability to get news, movies and other great content. Using software like Vuze which includes a search feature is a great place to start when sourcing things to watch on you new screen.

Are Samsung and other manufacturers conjuring ‘new’ ways to watch television, a fading product?
Some manufacturers, such as Apple, are already creating ways to assimilate brands into the digital age.

Revenue Flat Line
As mentioned above, flat­screen televisions are popular alternatives to curved televisions. More engaging for consumers are the exceedingly lowering prices. A quality, flat screen can come in at under $1,000 for well­informed consumers. Samsung and competitors, meeting demand yet needing to temper prices, lose money on the products, compared to years ago.

Curved televisions introduce a new revenue stream. And, since price projections exceed that of flat­screen models, presents a luxury­item­sized stream.

With the right targeting, Samsung could have a quality winner. Even if the television is ‘optimal’ for one or two parties viewing, that places many viewers within target. Consider how many bachelors, teens with televisions in their rooms, and dads and husbands with ‘man lairs’ in their homes who may be interested in a television that creates a greater ambiance. It could be enough for a big success.

Price is not a deterrent for those who seek luxury items, those who buy Lexus, Gucci, and Rolex.
For those brands, price does not matter as much as value of offered product. Therefore, Samsung may do well in distinguishing the curved televisions as ‘luxury televisions.’

Richard Miller is a technology enthusiast. He greatly enjoys discovering innovations for improved entertainment experiences through equipment, software capabilities, and usability.

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