To satisfy the needs as well as to enjoy the luxury, people shop for a number of things throughout their life. This can be anything as small as a pin to something as big as a home. In short, we are always on the path of buying things to satisfy our lifestyle needs.

Many a time, we end up compromising with our shopping needs. We either compromise on the quantity or quality or sometimes altogether drop the plan to buy certain things. The reason is very simple. The price of the product does not fit in our budget. So we either start looking for alternative options or try to adjust with what we have and thus start following a lifestyle that we never thought to live.

Understanding this problem of the customers, many of the retail and online stores have come up with a better solution. They now provide customers with vouchers which they can use to get a discount while shopping for their lifestyle needs. Discount can be anything like a free product, a certain percentage off, free shipping, free returns, etc. This means people are sure to get some benefit while using the vouchers.

The rising popularity of vouchers and coupons gave birth to coupon sites. Coupon sites provide people with coupons and vouchers which they could use while making a purchase. One such site which has been providing a number of deals to the people of UK is Dealslands. So whether you are planning to buy clothes or furniture or any appliances, you can easily buy them for less.

For a better lifestyle, you need to eat good, look good as well as stay good. This means what you eat, what you wear and how you live matters. So for sure, how you have built up your kitchen and what you have in there is important. This means the range of kitchen appliances that you have also matters. To match your lifestyle needs, you can buy quality products from Currys. Currys brings in a wide range of kitchen appliances and other electronic items that you need to set up a better home. So when you plan to buy, use Currys promotional code to get the products at a lesser price.

For every home, the living room speaks about the personalities of the people living in there. So for the same reason, you need to find the right furniture, lights, carpets, curtains as well as electronics to match your style. Now this may should costly, right? Yes, if you don’t go for money saving vouchers. So better get smart and use Argos discount code while shopping at Argos and get all the products at a comparatively lesser price.

Right deal found at the right time helps us to save many pounds. So always keep an eye on Dealslands and check from time to time to know whether some new deals have arrived or not. If yes use them and keep on saving money.


We are always advised to switch when it comes to energy supplier, and take on the hassle in order to benefit from hundreds of pounds worth of savings each year. But one trend that is starting to gain popularity is that of switching banks. One particular man from Yorkshire took it to the extreme by switching six times in just over two years, and pocketed more than £800 in rewards as a result!
Perhaps such measures are not for everyone, but it shows there is something to be said for changing banks, and taking advantage of the perks which arise from their desperation for your business. So is it worth it? The below may well just convince you.

The process of changing
If you haven’t switched bank in a few years, you may well be surprised at how quick and easy it has become. Seven-day switching was introduced a couple of years ago, which means a requested switch takes place in fewer than seven working days, with all payments going in and out (and direct debits) moved to the new account in that time as well. All of this is done by the switching service with your existing bank, and you can even select a specific date that you want the switch to go live.
It will also be up to your new bank to arrange for any incorrect payments made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account – for as much as three years after the switch. So really, all the hassle is theirs, not yours.

Interest rates and rewards
Even though it turns out there isn’t much effort required on your part, making the switch needs to be worthwhile and you’ll want to get the best deal that you can. Most deals require a minimum ‘pay in’ in order to reap the benefits on offer. But that doesn’t actually pertain to your credit balance – just the amount that you pay in. So if, for example, the minimum threshold is £1,000 per month, and your salary meets this criterion, then you’re good to go – regardless of how much you spend.
What you do need to do is prioritise what your most appealing incentive is. Are you after a one-off bonus, or high interest rates on your savings? If you’re looking at this as more of a short-term thing, and/or the amount you hold in savings is small, then you may favour the bank that delivers the best one-time joining perk.
However, if you’re in it for the medium term, and have a significant balance to bring across, then it may be more beneficial for you to target the bank that offers the best deals on interest rates. Here’s a handy page to help you with your decision. And if you often find yourself overdrawn, be sure to check out what overdraft rates are like at these prospective banks. It may well make your decision for you.

Why are there such good deals out there?
Let’s not get too carried away. Rates on savings and ISAs are still very poor compared to pre-recession levels, and you might argue that many of the banks owe the public a whole lot more than a few handouts here and there to make up for being bailed out by the taxpayer. Nevertheless, the banks’ grip on the market has been marginally weakened as a result of a couple of factors – not least of all the growth of alternative finance and peer-to-peer lending, whose popularity has risen significantly in the last couple of years as a result of the efficiency and value it has brought to both those with extra money to spare, and those in need of loans.
It all helps us as the consumer, as we can expect better service, value and product quality as a result of a more competitive marketplace. So why not take advantage? In less than a week, you can get money for pretty much nothing.

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It seems as though every retailer out there has a rewards programme nowadays. This makes sense: one of the best ways that a company can bring back repeat customers is to implement a loyalty perks programme; but what are these systems?

A true loyalty rewards programme is a system in which multiple purchases are rewarded with perks. These perks come in various forms, some of which include cash back, points redeemable at different rewards levels, or discounts. It is a clever scheme, and it makes many customers go back to those retailers time and time again. In essence, a rewards programme keeps customers happy by giving them a little more for their money and helps the store maintain a solid customer base.

Not all rewards programmes are created equal. As a consumer, you should never expect a retailer to give you something for nothing – that is not in their nature. In most cases, the best rewards programmes are those that embody the principle of reciprocity. Traditional rewards programmes would only distribute points to consumers within a certain period of time based on purchases, but today’s most effective programmes go a bit further by offering points for repeat purchase and also brand engagement through social media and other actions.

So many options

Rewards schemes are very popular among online retailers. Thanks to the internet, the retail industry is particularly saturated, so vendors really need to make themselves more attractive to the consumer. This competitive market makes it beneficial to you – as long as you really check the rewards programme out before joining.

There are a number of rewards schemes out there – everything from free delivery of your groceries to free cosmetics from your favourite designer. Some of the programmes even allow you to earn bonus points or cash back when you participate, but those are few and far between. Traditionally, rewards programmes are quite limited, allowing you to use your points or discounts only within their network. However, there are other types of programmes that may offer even more benefits and increased flexibility. Consider Grouptrader – a truly flexible reward system that allows consumers to spend their points on almost anything.

When you join Grouptrader, you’ll get to collect and then spend “GTpoints” at retailers that belong to Grouptrader’s network. Members range from big high street retailers to smaller local stores. You can typically use your Grouptrader card at any retailer that accepts MasterCard, either online or in the store. Not many rewards programmes offer members such flexibility in using their points. To learn more about it, check out Grouptrader’s Wikipedia page.

Because loyalty and rewards programmes are gaining deeper ground with retailers, consumers have a wide variety from which to choose. However, because there are so many programmes out there, retailers must know their consumer and give them exactly what they want – and consumers must choose wisely. With the right rewards scheme, you’ll definitely enjoy the perks of your shopping.



Not really. I’m not some sort of crazed stalker. I’m talking eyes, or more specifically, eyesight.

During the half term I took both kids to get their eyes tested, as we’d had a letter in the post reminding me about H and C hadn’t ever had one at an opticians, just at the school when he was in reception. So, even though I didn’t think there was anything wrong with their eyes, I thought we may as well get them checked out.

Of course, being kids, they were both praying to be told they needed glasses, I mean, really praying. H actually owns a pair of fake geek glasses that she wears when she’s indoors, they suit her (she suits everything) and I know she think it’s ‘cool’ – or whatever the in word is – to wear them, but she doesn’t seem to realise if you need glasses, you need glasses, it’s not just about the look! Same goes for C, he has a pair as well and he actually says he has to wear them to watch telly, even though they’re fake….. interesting kids I have.

Luckily neither of them needed glasses, in fact, the optician said they had perfect vision, C was told his is ‘super-vision’ which obviously appealed to his Spiderman side! Even though they were both disappointed to be leaving without trying on every single pair of frames in the shop! For the record, both have as expensive taste as I do. It’s in our genes.

The bloke wears glasses, well, he should wear them, we never see him wearing them, I wear them occasionally when I’m reading or on the computer for a loooong time, and both my parents wear them, so I’m not sure where their super vision has come from, but I’m glad they’ve got it – even though medical technology is improving day by day, people still need glasses or lenses at the moment, this piece about Optical Express shows though, that they are trying to work out a way of eradicating it – which, if it happens in this lifetime would be good, especially for those who have to wear them all the time, including the shower! Imagine that, no being able to see all your lotions and potions because you haven’t got your goggles on. Nightmare! I probably should get my eyes tested again, and the bloke DEF needs his done, if you’re reading this husband and you should be, then get that eye test booked ASAP. No excuses!



Looking around in your room, if you feel that lighting is not attractive or is too simple, here are some tips that can help you make your room look better and be happy about it.

Know the kind of lighting required in your room
Every room and its arrangement are different. So, it is important to know what kind of lighting will look good in your room.

Have something special in every room
You can fix the same bulbs or lights in every room, but if you can spend some time and think of something different in every room, you can impress your guests. At the same time, it feels good to move in a different environment, every time you switch over to the other room.

We often make this mistake. We choose the paint color first and then look for the furniture and other items in the room. Don’t do this!
Know your furniture, know their places, know the vacant spaces and then choose the paint. Technically, if you choose the paint color last, you can choose a shade that looks perfect for the setting.

Keep some space vacant
It is good to give your furniture some breathing space. Overcrowding your room with furniture will force you to spend more and at the same time will make your room look terrible. So, resist overcrowding your room with furniture items.
Looking for limited furniture items, durability should be your priority. Spending slightly more on good furniture items is a good idea. However, if it is hurting your budget, purchase them from popular online stores like Zoro and use discount coupons to pull down your cash outflow.

If you are planning to hang artwork in your room, make sure that you hand it at the right height. If the ceilings soar, don’t hang the art higher. Relating the height to human scale is important; don’t consider the structure’s scale while hanging the artwork.

Rugs are not important but if you want to place it in your living room, arranging your furniture on it is a decision you have to make.
Here, you have three options: All on, All off and Front on.
All on: If the rug is big enough, you can place every furniture item on it and cover it completely.
All off: This is a cost-effective choice that allows you to keep all legs of the furniture off the rug. This is a good option for small rooms.
Front on: Front feet of your seating pieces should be placed on the rug. This lends a feeling of openness and is loved by many.

Theme or no theme
Generally, it is good to decorate your room without a theme. However, if you are planning to have a theme, make sure that it looks good in your room. There are specific themes that look good in case of small rooms while the others look amazingly good on the big rooms.

Concluding, what else should one do to decorate their rooms?