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The one with the granny hair…..

I’ve long had this thing about grey hair, Pinterest, Instagram and bloggers like Inthefrow and Beauty Sauce make it look amazing. So, after weeks, if not months, of umming and ahhhing (and annoying my poor friends and husband) I decided to just go with it on Friday. It was a spur of the moment decision. Which should give y0u an indication of how it ended….

I’m a natural redhead, which, has got lighter with age, but it’s still predominately ginger. A few weeks ago I had highlights and a grey toner, which just gave me the taste for more grey, with hindsight, I should have left it like that….

So, to go grey, I needed to get bleached all over, something I have never done before – it’s only ever been highlights, or one crazy time I dyed it all over in bright, bright red. *shudder*. The bleach hit my head and did it’s magic, I could share the after photo of that but, I won’t! Anyone who’s had bleach knows it leaves a kind of yellow/orange tone to the hair. Gorgeous…. Also, I have a super sensitive scalp.
Next up was the toner. At this point, I need to say that I have a *lot* of hair. A lot. So there was a lot of toner needed. At this point I started to feel a bit panicky, but my gorgeous hairdresser was as cool as a cucumber and calmed me down. She managed to finish it off, and the colour was amazing.

Just not on me.

I’m pale. I have blonde eyelashes and brows unless I tint them, which I do, religiously. Except when they need doing and I have that kind of ‘tiger brow’ look….. This was one of those days. Picture, if you will, no make up, pale face (grey hair makes your skin look almost orange FYI) stripy, un-tinted eyebrows, red eyes from trying not to cry and a huge, huge, puffball of grey hair that needs to be straightened. That was me.

Of course it was raining that day, so the perfectly straightened look lasted all of 5 minutes.

The bloke LOVED the hair. Like, full on loved it. My teenager loved it. My son, who is loyal to the bone and would never say a bad word about me, cried. For an hour. Because of my hair colour. We established it was because it made me look like an old lady and therefore closer to dying….. It was a joyous Friday night.

The weekend didn’t fare much better to be honest. I kept surprising myself each time I passed a reflective surface, and people looked at me like I was insane. One older couple nearly fell off the end of the escalators as they were so engrossed in staring at my head. They very nearly got the finger…….

It was an emotional weekend. I know it’s only hair, but it is a big part of being a woman, and if you feel crap about your hair, you feel crap about everything. I think anyway. So, this morning, we hit the salon services shop again and bought new colours. Dark auburn’y colour for the roots, lighter blonde for the ends  and an ombre was born! Now I feel slightly more human and less likely to stand out like a sore thumb. I still need a few touch ups, and it’s not quite my natural colour but god, it’s better than the grey!

Moral of the story? Trust your gut instincts about things, don’t make rash decisions, and if you’re a pale redhead? Don’t go for bloody grey hair……!


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Happy Week Stuff

It’s the first week of Spring, not that you’d know it, as I’m sat here with the heating on, wearing my fluffy ugg slippers and the washing is going round in the tumble dryer.

College has finished, taaa daaa! I managed it! Nobody is more surprised than me to say, not only did I complete it, but I managed to complete it with full distinctions, all 45 credits! Bam! Now I’m job hunting, I’ve only been off since Thursday last week (it’s Tuesday now) and I’m slightly bored. I’m grateful I get to spend the Easter hols with the kids but I’d really like a job to go back to after, not least because I like spending so much….

In the spirit of shopping, this post is dedicated to things I wouldn’t mind owning…! So, happily dropping through my letterbox this week, was a new slogan sweatshirt. Now, it’s no secret that I love a slogan, t-shirt, sweatshirt, make up bag, pjs, I’m not fussy. As long as the slogan is right, I’m happy. Spreadshirt sent me over one of their Stanley & Stella sweatshirts, in grey, naturally, with the best ever slogan…..


It’s me all over. I could actually live in this. Made from 85% cotton from organic production, it is so soft. The fit is a little on the snug side, they mention sizing up on the website as it’s a tighter fit, so in hindsight I probably would have ordered the mens version, as I do like my sweatshirts to be baggy, boyfriend style. Which explains why I always steal the blokes clothes.

Spreadshirt are one of those companies that can print your designs onto items, but they also have a whole host of their own designs, and I love that idea, if you need inspiration, or, you’re after something you’ve seen somewhere else, there is every chance you’ll find it on the website. This is just a selection of the prints available…


Apart from clothing, they also print on mugs, aprons, hats, bags and phone cases! There are some seriously funny slogans on there that I couldn’t possibly share on here, but, safe to say, if you like swearing, you’ll love the cup section! (They do have a safe search option just in case you want to avoid naughty words!) One of my faves just happens to involve a swear word, but what can I say! Research says those who swear more often are more intelligent and trustworthy, so, count yourself lucky you know me.


They even do badges, which I really wish I’d known about before as I wanted to do badges for C’s birthday party at the weekend, it’s too short notice now, but for next year I am all over it! Perfect party bag filler, and you can personalise them! Basically, it’s a bloody good website and you will find something you want. Whether that’s personalised for a party, hen do or maybe, say, a 40th, or not personalised and just a good slogan/print whatever, check out www.spreadshirt.co.uk.



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Lust List.

I love Instagram. If I had to choose to get rid of all my social media and only keep one, it would be Instagram that made the cut. I can spend hours on there, especially when I find a feed that’s my cup of tea, I go a bit stalker-ish and scroll through for ages. Don’t tell me I’m the only one…!

It’s also a bit of an enabler. You know what I’m on about, you find a company, usually a small one, run by proper people, and before you know it, you’ve added a gazillion things to your virtual basket.

These babies are on the lust list at the moment. I’m slowly working my way round to getting them. Of course, getting a job will help with the spending addiction…..

Babe Cave London. Vintage tees. Badges. Harley Davidsons and tattoos. Need I say more. This one is £25 and the “Let’s Haul Ass” for £30 is on the list. Love.

babe cave

Souvenir Jewellery. I am becoming skull obsessed. I think I’m having some sort of mid, midlife crisis. I’m all about the rock chic look right now, and this ring is amazing. The Instagram account is one of my favourites. It’s all jewellery, tattoos and amazing nails. They’re US based but they do ship to the UK. This sleeping village ring is $65. Need.

skull ring

Mère Soeur is a wearable celebration of sisterhood. A reminder to eliminate one-upmumship and help a sister out. I love this, all too often women (and it’s usually women) talk about sisterhood and sticking up for each other, but that’s all they do, talk, and there’s very little action. I love Carrie Anne‘s Instagram account almost as much as I love this tee. Also on the list is the boob mug and the travel cup. And the canvas bag. And pins…

mere soeur

Last, but by no means least, the Selfish Mother collection. I already have the ‘Winging It’ tee, because, let’s face it, I am, and have been winging it for a long time. I am still after the Mother sweatshirt, but it’s a case of picking my favourite colour way. I almost 90% sure it’s this one. But the grey and neon is calling to me as well…. Plus, £15 of the sale goes to Women for Women International.


I’m sure there will be more added to this list soon enough!


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That quiet period between Christmas and new year. When no one knows what day it is, nobody (nobody sane anyway) really wants to go anywhere and everyone is sick of talking to each other so you actually get a bit of time to chill the hell out. Read a magazine or 5. Refresh your brain and get ready for the new year.

Bloody love that time. Red magazine christened it #twixmas. I tweeted that I fully agreed, they stuck said tweet in their magazine. The magazine that fell through my letterbox on December 31st. All fresh and shiny. Ready to be read (great wording there Kate) maybe in the bath. With a cup of tea. And a bath oil. I did say I liked to plan. All thanks to the lovely magazine.co.uk – Happy Christmas to me!

Now, I love my magazines. I get it from my mum, there’s not a time in my life where I don’t remember her buying at least 3, once a week. One for the crosswords, one for the stories, one for the gossip. Now, she’s on about 5 or 6 but she shares them out between us after, so it doesn’t really count. I love when she circles a story or leaves a message on the pages that she thinks I’ll be interested in, or a funny quote, always makes me smile! H is the same, she loves a magazine, C does too but he usually picks them based on their freebies. He has no loyalty that boy.

I however, do have loyalty to my magazines. Red has always been my favourite. If I could only buy one, it would be that one. Glossy but not full of ads. Enough content to keep you interested, good fashion. Grown up but not boring. And yes, quite often, good freebies! So getting it through my door each month (before it hits the shelves) is my kind of heaven! It’s like belonging to a club or something. Sometimes I want a quick read, full of gossip and trash so I’ll grab one of the weeklies, but Red is for that proper quiet time. I refuse to even open it until I know I can read the whole thing from start to finish, uninterrupted.


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#MyBath With Matalan Direct

Do you know what, since we’ve gone back to school and college life has been absolutely insane. I feel like the weeks are passing by at the speed of light and it will be Christmas before we know it (I know, the dreaded word, but it’s true!)

It’s been stressful to say the least. So when Matalan Direct got in touch and asked if I’d like to blog about my perfect bath routine I was never going to say no. Plus, it was a great excuse to get going on the bathroom decorating that I had been putting off since we moved in.

bath 1

They were kind enough to send me a candle and reed diffuser from their new range, I, of course went for coconut and vanilla. Coconut is my favourite bath fragrance ever. Alongside that I got the softest towel ever in a gorgeous grey colour and a voucher to treat myself to some bath goodies.

I really enjoyed shopping for the treats. Sometimes (who am I kidding, all the time) it’s a case of grab something from a supermarket shelf on the weekly food shop, and I am a product junkie so I took my time walking up and down the aisles. I treated myself to some Sanctuary Spa products, a body scrub, bubble bath and shower oil which all smell amazing, I’m a total addict now – some new shampoo and conditioner, the Ogx Kukui Oil range for crazy frizzy hair recommended to me by DMBL40 and Caroline Hirons, so, had to be worth a shot, and a new moisturiser as mine had run out.




Heaven. That’s what it’s been. Absolute heaven. When I’m sitting in a stuffy classroom with windows that don’t open trying to work out the formula for various chemical properties, or working out which part of the brain does what, the thought of a hot bath at the end of the day is absolute bliss.

What’s your bath time ritual?




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Tips for keeping your hair perfect through the summer**

We all love the summer months, those hot lazy days and long summer nights. However, while the summer season may be the time we look forward to each year, it can play havoc with our hair.

We are all familiar with the warnings about too much exposure to the sun and the damage it can do to our skin, but people are less aware of the damage the sun can do to hair. Prolonged exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun can damage hair, from the cuticle to its inner structure. Exposure to the sun can make hair brittle and dry and it can make it more susceptible to split ends.

Hair that has been chemically bleached or lightened is more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, even healthy untreated hair can be damaged. Natural brown hair can develop a reddish hue from prolonged exposure to the sun and chemically treated hair can become yellow, dull and faded.

It is not just your hair that can suffer from the effects of the sun; the scalp can also be damaged. The best way to protect your hair from the effects of the sun is to wear a wide-brimmed hat. If you expect to stay in the sun for more than a few hours, a hat will protect your hair and the skin of the face.

Another good tip is to avoid the sun when it is at its fiercest, which is usually between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Use leave-in conditioners that contain zinc oxide and use hairsprays or leave-in conditioners with UV protection. If you find yourself outdoors without hair protection then you can comb ordinary sunscreen through your hair for protection.

If you go swimming in the local swimming pool or the sea, you must wash your hair immediately afterwards to remove the chlorine or salt. You can also use a gentle shampoo that is suitable for frequent washing, to remove any build-up of chemicals in the hair. If your hair is inclined to become frizzy in the shower, then apply styling products while it is wet. Serums can be used to add strength to the hair strands so they are less likely to become damaged.
If you are intending to speed up the natural lightening effect of the sun, do not use peroxide, lemon juice, alcohol, or other sun-activated sprays. Instead, go for a temporary colour that is free from peroxide and ammonia. You should start protecting your hair long before the summer months, but if you do find your hair dry and listless then try a deep conditioning treatment to bring some life back to your locks. A top salon such as Toni & Guy Liverpool will be able to offer plenty of advice on how to prepare your hair for summer, or how to treat hair that has been damaged by too much sun.

Look after your hair in the summer, perhaps choosing a lighter style, and you can enjoy the summer while keeping your flowing locks in peak condition.

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