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For Him: New Mazorin


Mazorin launched their skincare range for men last summer with four core products and they’ve now added two new ones to their range for Spring 2014. Oakham’s Razor Shaving Cream and Wash Trade Face Scrub.

The shaving cream is a foamless texture which is designed to improve the glide and reduce razor friction, the active ingredients help skin to heal and prevent irritations and cuts and the rich formula leaves the face super soft and moisturised. My Man is a beard man now (love a man with a beard and tattoos) but he needs to regularly keep the edges neat and sharp, so this new cream has become his new favourite. He has quite sensitive skin, and some foams can dry his skin out, but this hasn’t irritated him at all.  The ingredients include Greater Plantain (aka soldiers herb) used to heal wounds on the battlefields, which also promotes skin cell renewal. RRP £12.50

mazorin 1

The scrub is just as good, containing bamboo and maracuja powder to exfoliate dead skin and unclog pores, it’s active ingredients help prevent blackheads and ingrown hairs and the gentle formulation leaves skin hydrated and deep cleansed. The main ingredient is white willow extract, which is antibacterial, astringent and has anti oxidant properties. Malachite rich in copper and high in antiseptic to keep the skin protected, and Salicylic Acid which prevents pimples and acne. RRP £15


They’re both dermatologically tested, with no parabens, mineral oils or synthetic colouring, which is why they are so perfect for sensitive skin.

Available from Yes Sir.

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Ren V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream

ren night cream


Last month I spent a gorgeous weekend walking round the streets of Paris, popping in and out of all the French Pharmacies, which are nothing like our pharmacies, and I could have spent a FORTUNE on skincare. I was looking for a night cream to use, as I was finding my face was starting to feel a little dry and thirsty in the evenings and I didn’t want to use my facial oil every single night. Luckily, I didn’t know which brand to pick from because when I got home, I was greeted by this little beauty, the V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream from Ren, a luxury skincare brand, that uses only 100% plant and mineral derived products. Perfect for sensitive skin.

It’s been formulated to recharge, revitalise and intensively hydrate the skin overnight, this multi action cream visibly smooths fine lines, evens skin tone and offers antioxidant protection to help combat the signs of premature ageing.

It contains vitamin C and citroflavonoids from calabrian oranges to help reduce free radical damage and boost collagen formation to lift and firm the skin, frankincense and boswellic acid  to relax facial muscles to help smooth expression lines and wrinkles and phytosterols from camellia and wheat germ to boost lipid content. It smells divine. I have never really been one to remember to apply night cream each evening, hence the need to buy one all of a sudden, but since I’ve got this, I’ve used it each night. I’ve also been combining it with the Clarins radiance plus (post coming soon) and it works brilliantly. Hooked!

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Costing £32 for 50ml, available from Ren.

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Big hair don’t care.

I have HUGE hair. Huge. Think Monica from friends when she went on holiday, it takes on a life of it’s own once it’s been washed. If I dare to leave it to dry naturally you should probably move out of the way if I pass you.

On the other hand, if I dry and straighten it, it looks too flat for my liking, which drives me mad. There is no happy medium. If I could master the art of a proper blow dry I probably wouldn’t have a problem, but, I can’t. So I’m left with crazy woman hair, or straight, flat as a pancake hair. Now I have the haircut I’ve been after, I want to try and experiment with it, it’s ridiculously long, so there is plenty to play with, and I’m hoping that using the luxe volume range from John Frieda will help. I love styles that don’t look too ‘done’ which is why I don’t like how my hair looks when it’s dead straight. Even when it’s tied up, I like it to be textured, messy, thrown together. I think I spent far too long trying to get the perfect hair, I’ve given up!

I (of course) have a Pinterest board dedicated to hair, and these types of styles seem to be on repeat, they’re all similar!

messy hair 3

messy hair 1

messy hair 2

I read somewhere that you need to use the shampoo and conditioner for the hair you want, not the hair you have, so if you want texture, volume, and root boost, then you need to use the right stuff from the beginning. It makes sense I suppose, there is very little point in using smoothing, straightening shampoo and conditioner and then trying to boost it during the styling process! I have the whole range, so in theory it should be a success, and a good workman never blames his tools. So, I’m going to make a big effort with this!

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Miss Anna by Anna Lou of London

The phrase ‘like mother like daughter’ is becoming more and more apt in my house, especially when it comes to things like shoes, make up, hair and jewellery. I can pretty much guarantee that if I find it interesting or enjoy spending my money on it, the girl will too. We are going to be dangerous shoppers in a couple of years!

She’s very particular when it comes to her style, which I love, so when I was contacted by Anna Lou of London about their new Miss Anna range, I sent the link to her (permanently attached to her iPad) and let her pick her own piece to review.

The brand Anna Lou of London was created  in 2004 when Anna started selling handmade jewellery on Portobello Road Market and within months her designs were snapped up to be sold in Harvey Nichols. Several years on from the company’s humble beginning, Anna Lou of London has become an internationally recognised brand.

The piece she chose was the initial necklace, in black and we both love it. Because she’s coming up to teenage years, she’s grown out of the younger style of fun jewellery, but she’s not quite old enough for adult styles, so this is perfect. Big enough to stand out, stylish and with enough bling to impress a tween!




They have free delivery on all orders over £25 at the moment, and there is 50% off all their handmade silk scarves, which ends on 30th March, perfect idea for Mothers day! I love the personalised necklaces, you can pick everything right down to the actual chain, which is what I love the most, because I hate wearing thick chains, the thinner and more delicate, the better for me, almost invisible preferably! The forget me knot bangle is also a huge fave, along with the initial earrings. In fact, I could probably spend a fortune on there! If, like me, you’re a serial shopper, you can sign up to their site and get 10% off just like that! Enjoy!

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Currently loving: me&i

We’ve been huge fans of me&i for a while now, TB has a couple of their tee’s and they’ve always been a massive hit with him, and anyone who spots him wearing them.

Founded in 2004 by Susan Engvall and Helene Nyrell, working from the kitchen table at their homes in Barsebäck, Sweden, they felt that many children’s clothes available were either of poor quality or too expensive. Also, they didn´t like the rigid gender lines: clothes with fire-breathing dragons in burgundy and black for boys, or glittering princesses in pink and purple for girls.

They launched their first children’s collection in autumn 2004. Many of the clothes used the same colourful prints for both boys and girls and the colours and patterns were largely inspired by their own childhoods in the 1970s and 1980s.

me&i collage

Today, the me&i brand is firmly established in the Nordic market and has recently launched in the UK and Germany.

We love the bright colours, funky patterns and the great quality of the materials. I’ve got one of their summer dresses, and it’s still looking good 2 summers on!

We were recently sent two of their & sweatjackets in blue and yellow for GG & TB. I’ve never been one to dress them in the same clothes (mainly because GG is a girl and 6 years older than TB!) but these jackets are the exception! I wouldn’t even mind them wearing them at the same time! It’s a great sweatjacket, with a real retro design, it reminds me of the Oasis/Blur fashion way back when! They’re made from 96% cotton and they’re fab! Priced between £27 & £29 depending on the size.

I adore the baby clothes (broody alert!) and because they’re unisex they’re going to work for as many babies as you want to have! *cough*

They’ve just launched a new collection for the summer, available to buy now, for women, kids and babies alike, available here.



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London Retro Glasses & Giveaway



If you follow me on twitter, or in real life for that matter you will know that my darling dog Lenny has managed to chew his way through not one, but two pairs of my glasses. When I say chew, I mean chew. Frames, lenses, the lot. He got hold of the first pair within weeks of me having them. I should have realised something was up when he suddenly went quiet and still…..!

Anyway. When the lovely people at MyOptique got in touch I couldn’t have been happier! Timing or what!? They offered me the chance to review a pair of their London Retro glasses, either sunglasses or frames. It took me a while to decide on a pair, generally the ones I like don’t really suit me, but after getting it down to two final choices, I settled on the Highgate pair, I loved the tortoise frame with the bright purple edging, and, luckily, they suit me! Well, I think they do anyway! The lenses are scratch resistant and anti reflective too, and the gorgeous case they sit in will be well out of Lenny’s reach!




They’re giving one lucky reader a chance to win their own pair of either frames or sunglasses from the London Retro range, enter the rafflecopter below making sure you pop over to the MyOptique page and post on their wall ‘Enter Katie and the Kids giveaway’.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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