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Mothers Day Gifts with AnnaLou of London & LD Discount!

It’s Mothers Day on Sunday, a chance to spoil your mum and let her know how much you love her, and want her to have a lovely lie in, beautiful flowers and breakfast in bed….. (don’t even try and tell me that’s just me!)

If you’re on the hunt for something special for the mum (or wife if your kiddies are too small to be picking up on mummy’s hints!) then AnnaLou of London is a good place to look. Full of fab jewellery and collections, they have gorgeous personalised pieces, offer engraving and even have a section for last minute gifts. Not that you should be forgetting of course, just in case.


I am absolutely in love with initialed jewellery at the moment, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect necklace with H&C on it, so I adore the initial disc necklace from AnnaLou, available in three colours, silver, rose gold and gold (the golds are both plated) it’s on my wish list…! I also love the name discs in the picture above, great if you have shorter names in your family! I think, if I get the necklace, I’ll be adding the sideways initial one to my collection as well, perhaps a T for the bloke, or even a K for me! It looks great layered with other styles. The names necklace costs £67.50 and the sideways one £54.00.

Both rings are available in the three colours, and cost between £30 and £40.

And….! AnnaLou have given all my readers a fab 20% off all orders if you use the code MUM20 at the checkout!

Please remember though, anything personalised won’t arrive in time for Mothers Day now, as it can take up to 14 days to come through.

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LD Mini – Spring Fancies

It’s still cold. Wet. Grey. So miserable. In other words we’re still in the middle of what seems to be the longest winter ever. I mean, I love winter, but this is getting silly now. So, in the interest of trying to feel a little more springlike, I thought I’d do a little daydream shopping, this time for the boy.

At the weekend, if he’s not staying in his pjs {just like his mother!} my son knows exactly what he wants to wear, and heaven forbid anyone who tries to tell him otherwise. I love that he knows what fashion he likes, thankfully we’ve always managed to avoid the god awful cartoon character stuff, I had to put my foot down, when I found out he was a boy I could just see Postman Pat tees coming at me in all directions. Anyway, we like to go for the classic, but slightly off beat look. Always classic skinny trousers because he’s tall and skinny so anything else just looks like he’s wearing his big sisters jeans, or sweatpants. Good quality tees and a jumper or sweatshirt of some kind. Then of course we have to add another 5 layers to be warm enough to leave the house, but we’ll forget that for now.

I had a browse of Melijoe and managed to find a fair few outfits for them both {I’ll be doing GG’s post next month then!}



Faded black tee from Japan Rags, Levi Skinnies, Adidas Originals {what else!} and a Kate Moss sweatshirt from Little Eleven Paris – I want this in my size! This would be, pretty much, his ‘uniform’ at weekend and during school hols, comfortable enough for him to throw himself around in, stylish enough for me to be happy. Sorted!

Post written in collaboration with Melijoe.com.


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REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

REN are one of my favourite skincare brands, I’ve never once had a product that has irritated or made my skin sore, every single product has worked and worked well for me since I’ve started using it. The Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is another one to add to the list.


It’s a mask that is quick to use, and leaves your face looking awake and refreshed, so it’s maybe more suited to a morning boost (if you have the time) but it’s certainly not a bad product to use in the evening either.

It’s designed to renew the complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines (as we know I’m all about that at the moment!) and improve skin tone by removing dead skin cells, helping to clear congestion, blackheads and spots.

It’s quite a sticky texture with a strange smell, not unpleasant but not one of the nicest products I own. After applying a generous amount to clean, dry skin, you leave it for 10 minutes to do it’s thing, then wipe away with a damp flannel or cloth (there is a muslin cloth included the box) You might experience a slight tingle (it’s an exfoliating mask containing acids) but nothing too extreme, if you do find that it’s doing more than tingle then remove it and rinse your face with fresh water, but don’t be alarmed by the tingle! My skin is quite sensitive and I haven’t had any reaction from it, but we’re all different.

It’s recommended to use it weekly, so the 50ml pump should last a good while.

Available from REN for £32.00. You can also get 2 free samples with every order at the moment, as well as 10% off your first order! Bargain!

PR Sample.

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Botox Diary – Beauty Works West

Well, after a lot of ‘should I/shouldn’t I’ I finally decided it was the right time to try Botox (or, Botulinum toxin to give it its full name!) I’m reaching the grand old age of 34 soon (1st of April for those of you who want to send flowers) and while I don’t think I look my age (there has to be a benefit to having oily skin somewhere along the line) I was starting to look a little bit, knackered. I also have the tendency to frown, no matter what I’m doing. Reading, watching TV, driving, even just staring into space, there is usually a frown on my face 98% of the time. That leads people to think I’m a miserable old cow, and I’m not. Not all the time anyway. All the frowning was giving me headaches, which, in turn, were making me frown. See the pattern?

Now, I know there are people out there in various camps. The ones who are anti anything that’s not ‘growing old gracefully’ – what is that phrase anyway?! Those who think I don’t need it (thanks Mum) and those who are as interested in it as me.

I didn’t want to go to any old place to get it done, I’m very aware that it’s not something you can just get on your lunch break from the hairdressers on the corner. I wanted an expert doing it, someone who would judge my face on a personal level and work out what I needed rather than taking a set amount and injecting it everywhere. I was also quite nervous about it going wrong and changing the shape of my face in some bizarre, star trek way. (My hairdresser was on alert for an emergency fringe should that happen!)

Beauty Works West is my top salon. It’s where I will go for treatments like this, and who I would turn to for advice. They know their stuff and I trust them completely. The area I wanted to focus on was the space between my eyebrows. I seemed to acquire a lopsided frown line, the righthand side was much deeper than the left for some reason. I have no issues with my actual forehead but the lines between my eyes were there even when I was smiling, which in my mind, means they’re getting too deep. I didn’t want to end up frozen, with someone being able to spot the treatment at 50 paces. It needed to work, but not be obvious. In fact, if you end up looking frozen it’s not the fault of the needle, but rather the person who’s injected it so I knew I was in safe hands. Dr Daniel Sister knows his needles. After a good chat, in which I learned all about the term ‘Poker Face’ – he set to work. Now, being a complete and utter Francophile I could listen to him all day long, but obviously he had other clients to see! Damn them.

He asked me to frown so he could mark the areas that needed a boost, I had five areas that would be injected, in a sort of V shape. Then, with the smallest needle I’ve ever seen, he went about erasing my miserable look! So many people have asked me if it hurt and I can honestly say, hand on heart, no. The size of the needle would struggle to hurt anyone, the only description I can give is a bit like a crunch of standing on fresh snow. It was quite pleasant to be honest, but then I am a bit strange when it comes to things like that. It literally took 5 minutes and I was done. I had two tiny dots of blood which wiped off and I was ready to go.





frown 7

Now, here’s where I probably sound a bit daft, but I was expecting it to work pretty much immediately, but it can take anywhere between 2 hours and 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you will see the full effect in the mirror, before then you’ll be seeing different results each time you check. And you will check. Several times a day! I did have a slight headache for the rest of the afternoon but it went after a quick dose of painkiller, and that was that! Those who knew I was having it done were desperate to see the results, and I could see the disappointment in their faces when I said it could take a few days! We are all too used to instant results! I was worried about frowning in the sun, a bit like “if the wind changes you’ll stay like that” so I did avoid active frowning for the rest of the day, but that’s all made up in my head – don’t worry about that!

My treatment was two weeks ago today, and I’ve been debating going back for a top up for a few days but I’ve actually decided against it for a few reasons.

1; I’m really happy with how it looks! I look more refreshed but not in any obvious way, I don’t think you can tell I’ve had botox which is exactly what I wanted.

2; I can still move my eyebrows and for me, as I’m quite sarcastic and deadpan, if my face had no expression I don’t think people would know how to take me!

3; I can’t frown as much now. If I really, really try then I’ll get a slight frown, but nowhere near as bad as I was, so my whole face feels more relaxed. I don’t think I realised how bad I was until now, it is like a weight has been lifted off my forehead. Less headaches, less neck pain because I’m not so scrunched up and tense around my shoulders, it’s all because I’ve removed the ability to spend my day frowning.

To me, that’s a success. I wasn’t aiming for anything obvious, I didn’t want to be known as the permanently blank face woman I just wanted to look like me, but a bit better. I will be going back once it’s started to wear off, probably in around 3-5 months time, and I’m going to be proud of it!

Of course, everyone wants to see the before and after, so, apologies for so many pictures of my forehead!

beforeno frown

Prices range from £230 for one area, £320 for two and £450 for the full face.

PR Booking


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Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

Clarins are so good at spring – and their new Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors are right up there in the realms of prettiness.


Part skin care part make up, they have been designed to moisturise, plump and illuminate the lips, giving just a sheer hint of colour. I am trying to get into the routine of wearing lipstick as my ‘face refresher’ but sometimes you just want to grab something that’s not too in your face but still gives it a little bit of a boost, and these are spot on.

The combination of wild mango and shea which is rich in fatty acids help to restore the hydrolipidic film, leaving lips nourished and soft. This cold weather can really batter your lips, especially when you’re in and out of central heated rooms, don’t drink enough water and generally ignore your mouth unless you’re stuffing chocolate in it.


Available in 6 shades, pictured here are Rose, Coral, Orange and Red. They also have the balms in My Pink, which reacts to your own PH levels, to give you a personalised pink.

As always with Clarins, they smell amazing and they really do feel nice on the lips, not greasy or sticky in any way, it’s exactly like wearing a lightweight lip balm with a hint of colour. They’re the perfect size for purses and pockets and you don’t need to have a mirror handy to apply them, so they’re great to grab and go.

My favourite colour is rose, it’s just that right pink for me, not too pale, not too dark. I’m working up the courage to wear orange, maybe when it’s a little bit warmer outside and I’m a little bit less ‘blue’ tinged!

The Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors cost £18 each and are available from Clarins.

PR Sample

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Don’t fear the morning mirror – try these tips.

It creeps at you in the middle of the night. The thought of it stalks you as you wake up in the morning. It strains you with every step towards the bathroom. It’s the horror of your first look in the mirror, and it’s becoming more regrettable every morning. Especially as the winter weather rages, it’s difficult to stay looking good. But with a few of these tips we can help you look in that mirror with a newfound confidence.

So, what should you do?

There are millions of articles claiming to know the best way to tighten skin, but only a few of them are worth trying. Using lifting and plumping creams, having a good skincare regime and following a healthy diet will help to reduce the puffy, dull look that can make even the best skin look exhausted.

REAL beauty sleep

Here in the UK, we’re pretty busy. We work more hours than anyone else in Europe and hold the rush of never-ending business in higher esteem than the pope. And it’s making us look more ravaged than a ravaged thing.

We all need your beauty sleep, at least eight hours of it. Studies have shown that people on the more exhausted end of the spectrum are, in fact, less attractive than those who love a lie-in. Which is nice. If you’re running around like a headless chicken, you’ll never be able to get to sleep on time. To stop yourself staring at the walls, lull yourself into a calm before you head to bed. Reading a book for a few hours will usually do the trick, as well as staying away from digital devices like tablets or your telly.

After a good night’s sleep you’ll wake up looking brighter and peppier. And that first look in the mirror won’t be quite as much of a challenge.

A fulfilling 15 minutes

If you’re consigned to your sofa all day (you simply must watch every season of Game of Thrones again) then getting up from the couch feels like trying to push a tractor uphill. But not all exercise has to be about rigorous workouts longer than a Lord of the Rings marathon. All you have to do is take 15 minutes out of your day to get off your settee and burn some fat. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself, shove on your favourite albums and workout to that.

After a while, you’ll be bursting to add five minutes more to your workout time. Soon, you’ll be looking fitter and staring into your mirror liking the more awake, healthier you.

Written by: Paul Watson

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