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Monochrome Loves

I’ve got a bit of a thing for the monochrome at the minute, and not just in the fashion department. Walking round Ikea last week (twice in one day, can you believe!?) I was drawn to all the black & white cushions, rugs, bedding, everything.

My wish list this week just seemed to follow that theme….



1: C’est La Vie T-shirt from Topshop £22

2: Zebra Cardigan H&M £34.99

3: Fiorelli Perry Bag £45 Debenhams

4: Trainers Kurt Geiger £95

I feel a monochrome shopping trip coming up. Black & white goes with everything, right?

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At home mani with OPI Avoplex & Click Fragrance

I love getting my nails done, but I really resent spending £20 on them because they grow crazy fast. If I invest in a shellac polish, under the illusion that it will last for weeks, I always have to remove it after 8 days (max!) because I can’t stand having the edges showing. So, I’ve had to get good at doing my own nails, A; to save money and B; because I have serious polish OCD. Can’t stand badly painted nails!

I have to hold my (nicely painted) hands up and say I do pick my cuticles. I know! I have never been a nail biter, but if there is a bit of dry skin on my nails, I’ll pick it off and I have a thing against heavy, rich hand creams because I don’t like the feeling of it, so I don’t smother my hands in cream which would probably help.

Click Fragrance sent me some OPI Avoplex goodies to give myself an at home manicure, so, in the name of research, I did some pampering!


I’ve never used an exfoliating cuticle treatment before so I was interested to see how this would work. It says to use it a couple of times a week, applying to each nail, leaving it on for 3-5 mins and then massaging in. It’s a gentle alpha hydroxy acid formula to eliminate dry, rough cuticles and put back essential moisture. It is scented with what it says is cucumber, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on that, it’s not a very pleasant smell (to me personally) but it does a great job at getting rid of those extra bits of dry skin.

A quick wipe of polish remover to get rid of extra grease, a thin layer of base coat and two layers of colour (I went with a lilac shade by Rimmel, always my favourite because of the brush shape and the consistency of the polish) and my all time favourite speed dry top coat by Seche Vite and I was ready to use the Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil. Now this smells gorgeous, feels gorgeous and is just all round, well, gorgeous! It has an extra wide brush so you can just sweep it on each nail bed, leave it to soak in if you want to, or if you’re in a rush like me, gently massage any extra in, it makes your nails look so healthy and of course, glossy! I can see myself becoming addicted to this little baby! Lastly, and always a bugbear of mind, hand cream. I’ve been told by lots of beauty experts that this one is a good one, but I was still a little bit wary of using too much. I hate the feeling of sticky, almost dirty feeling, hands after using hand cream, but I have to admit this one doesn’t do that. It soaks in almost straight away, smells delicious and makes my hands feel so much nicer. This one is going in my handbag and I am going to be investing in a tube for the kitchen and the bathroom, it’s *that* nice, and the cuticle oil is on my coffee table so I can put some on each evening while I’m watching TV. Perfect! You can even see my step by step guide to the perfect manicure here.




These OPI goodies were sent to me to try out but all opinions are my own, of course! 

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Clarins Loveliness!


Summer is all well and good (when we get proper summer) but I am so over it now and ready for the newness of Autumn. When you get to the end of August and the shops are full of gorgeous boots and coats, magazines are talking about new seasons and the kids just *need to get back to school already* it’s nice to have a change.

I’ve always been an A/W girl myself. Cosy nights with blankets and candles, the perfect pair of ankle boots, leather jackets and chunky scarves and new make up! YES!

Clarins are focussing on eyes this season, with their new innovative cream to power formula of their Ombre Matte eyeshadow. It offers the smoothing qualities of a cream eyedshadow but with the hold of a powder, it’s lightweight and so easy to apply with brushes and fingers.


I actually prefer it using my fingers which is a first for me, but it just feels so lovely and it’s so easy to blend. It comes in 6 shades, 01 Nude Beige, 02 Nude Rose, 03 Taupe, 04 Rosewood, 05 Sparkle Grey and 06 Earth. I have Nude Beige which I’ve been using for everyday make up, it’s the perfect ‘almost there but not quite’ colour, and Taupe which is just dark enough for me without feeling too done, it’s a lovely mushroom-y grey colour.

Easy to apply, and the perfect shadow to build up varying levels of intensity, it also contains bamboo powder to give the matte, even finish with really long lasting hold. Available from August!

Alongside their new shadows though, I have discovered their BB Perfecting Cream. I’ve spent the summer using their tinted moisturiser but it’s not quite ‘heavy’ enough for A/W, the BB cream however, is spot on. Created to “Revitalise, Protect and Perfect” with a blend of plant extracts, like most other BB creams it’s quite thick in texture, but still more moisturiser than foundation, it still feels lovely and light on the skin and it’s easy to blend in. It still leaves a slight ‘glow’ so if you have oily skin you might want to finish it off with some powder. It provides good cover over slight redness or small spots, but perhaps not what you’re looking for if you like full on coverage, but being a BB cream you already know that! I have been using ‘Fair’ (of course!) and it’s the perfect shade for paler skins but it also comes in three other shades. It also contains SPF25, costs £30 and is available online.


Last, but not least, Instant Concealer. My favourite, favourite concealer! Because I am so pale, I can look like I’ve got dark circles on top of dark circles, and if I’m tired (hello summer holidays!) they’re even worse. This concealer provides correction for all types of dark circles, it’s tinted to mask rather than cake and it blends in flawlessly, smoothing as it goes. This is replacing that other well known dark circle concealer for me, it’s just perfect. Costing £21 for 15ml, it will last for ages because you only need a tiny amount each time. Love!

instantCPR Samples.


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Trueskin Medispa

I love a spa, I am such a girl when it comes to all things pampering, even though I can do most beauty treatments myself (and god knows I have enough products) I can paint my nails properly and I’m pretty good at looking after my skin, nothing beats the whole experience of going to a spa and being treated.

Trueskin Medispa offer a whole selection of treatments, if you’re looking for something pampering or if you’re looking for a solution to certain issues, their treatment list is huge. Manicures, pedicures, 3D lipo, tattoo removal, the list is endless! They also offer spa packages starting from £50. Surrounded by luxury, giving five star treatments and excellent customer service, Trueskin prides itself on providing the best for their clients. They want you to step into a world that offers you complete relaxation and visible results at the same time.

Reception empty - small

They offer a package for men, which I am sure my hubs would love, a back, neck and shoulder Hot Stone Massage, an Indian Head Massage and an Express facial all for £80, and my personal favourite, the Trueskin Fassage, 1 hr full body massage and a tailor made Elemis prescription facial. 90 mins of utter, utter relaxation. I would come out of that as wobbly as jelly! It’s a little bit more expensive but worth it at £120.

They also offer wedding packages, from ‘Hens prepare to party’ to a ‘Totally enhanced bride’, with treatments like skin analysis, collagen boosters, wrinkle relaxing injections and firming enzyme hand treatments. They have literally thought of everything a bride to be could want in the lead up to her wedding. The wedding packages start at £50 and go up to £500. All consultations & treatments require a £25 refundable deposit to secure the appointment. 48h notice is required to move or cancel an appointment.

Massage - small

From the moment you step into the Medispa, you will forget the outside world. You will be greeted by one of their friendly team at reception, where you will then be collected a highly skilled therapists or doctor. Relaxation time and refreshments are provided at the end of your treatment, whether it’s a simple manicure or a more advanced treatment such as Dermaroller, Laser Hair Removal or an Advanced Skin Peel. You can find a list of all their spa packages here.

There are branches in Bluewater, Esher & Harley Street. Bluewater is calling me next time we go shopping, what could be more amazing, new clothes and a spa treatment!

In collaboration with Trueskin Medispa. 

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Jimmy Choo Perfume

jimmy choo

I love, love, love a good perfume. When I find one that I like, I tend to wear it every single day & night until it’s empty and then I start the search for my next one. I don’t really have one signature scent, there are too many gorgeous ones to choose from & I get bored easily!

Jimmy Choo is that new favourite.The official blurb always says it with such flair: Jimmy Choo reveals a more sensual and dazzling facet of the brand’s feminine ideal. Released in 2011, this fruity-floral scent is inspired by the ideal of the glamorous modern woman: strong, seductive, intelligent and empowered in everything that she does. Her self-assured character is matched by a mysterious and compelling sensuality, and a playful streak.

The fragrance opens with mandarin orange, pear and green notes. This instant burst of brightness energises the senses, combining fashion and fun. A refined heart of tiger orchid unfurls on the skin, while a vibrant dry down of toffee and patchouli lingers on the skin.

I love the description of the wearer, very me don’t you think!? It’s an all year perfume for me, although I’ve never really been a fan of having one scent for summer and one for winter, maybe because I’m not a fan of heavy perfumes this is perfect – not too girlie but not in the least bit heavy or ‘old’ if you know what I mean.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

The box is just as gorgeous! I am a sucker for animal print, usually leopard but pink snakeskin works! If I could keep all the pretty boxes I get and find homes or uses for them, then this would be one of them. The bottle is simple, stylish and had looks great on my dressing table.

I always find that perfume doesn’t last as long on me as it does on other people, I think it’s down to my skin tone and colouring, I’m convinced if you’re tanned with dark hair your perfume will last longer. I’ve never been able to get away with one or two squirts in the morning taking me through to the evening, which is actually quite annoying, I want people to get a whiff of my perfume as I walk past them! This one does it’s best on me though, the bloke can smell it on me when I get in after work, which is pretty good going. He’s a big fan of this perfume, any excuse to smell me! It’s not an overpowering perfume, it won’t give you a headache if you get a bit enthusiastic with the spraying, it really settles down after a couple of hours and it’s just a subtle scent that lingers around just enough to make you want to smell it some more. I suppose that’s exactly how a perfume should be!

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This perfume came from Click Fragrance, who are fab for cheap, affordable perfumes (and other goodies) this 40ml bottle costs £24.95 and is available to buy online. Free delivery is included in the prices for the UK, with the option to add next day delivery. You can also get free gift wrapping if you needed it. They have around 3500 products, and the list is growing everyday, if you’re a fan of make up & perfume (hands up!) then you’re going to love shopping there. Just don’t blame me for the shopping basket total!

PR Sample

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