*That* Beyonce & Jay Z video

So by now, the whole world will have seen the video of Beyonce’s sister beating two kinds of crap out of Jay Z as he stood there (looking totally confused if you ask me!) in the lift. My 11yo has seen it and she, like the rest of us, can’t believe the amazing Bey & Jay have ‘crazy’ issues in their relationship, even if it does seem to be all Solange based.

I was sat in the restaurant of our local gym centre waiting for my eldest to come out of trampolining when I spotted the story on twitter, and considering how many people I follow, it was amazing how many of them were tweeting the same thing:

“What did he do?!”

I have to admit, it did cross my mind too, BUT! – If we were watching a video of Jay Z hitting Solange, would the first thought be, “what did she do?” You can guarantee a million percent it wouldn’t! Why do we automatically think, whatever is happening, that it must be the blokes fault?

Obviously we don’t have a clue what happened before they got in the lift, and I doubt we will ever know (even though we all secretly want to, because it’s Beyonce and Jay Z) but it’s so easy to start rumours & assume you know what must be happening, even if you haven’t got the foggiest about what’s going on. SO many people are quick to judge and take ‘sides’ when there is no need for sides, or even if they don’t have all sides of the story. There have been loads of comments along the lines of “family comes first” meaning whatever happened, Beyonce should be taking her sisters side, but surely is Jay Z her family too.

So, all I have to say on the matter is, I would *love* to know what went down before they got in the lift, I would *love* to hear the conversation that happened in the limo after, and I would *love* to know how she managed to look so calm and collected when she got out of the lift, but I don’t assume I know who did what or who’s fault it is, and I don’t assume that it’s any of my business.

The end.




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  1. May 14, 2014 / 9:14 am

    This was exactly what I said when I saw someone comment the same on Facebook. Judgemental people … ppppft. x

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