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Anyone who knows me in real life will know I have a candle obsession. When I was younger it used to be about the shape of the candle, I had houses, flowers, animals, and more. They were never lit, just placed on shelves to look pretty. (When I say younger I mean pre-teens!) Now, I am all about luxury candles, the kind that smell amazing, and fill the room. And as much as I like to keep them, once one has finished, I move onto the next. No more saving!

I was introduced to Boujies London at Christmas last year when my Sister and BIL bought us a natural wax candle and room diffuser in Black Dahlia. They are independent perfumers & luxury candle makers, founded in Spitalfields market in 2009. They wanted to re-discover the natural artistry of British perfumery and develop a range of luxury fragrances, all made in England.

I am in love with this brand. Not only are the candles (and room diffusers) amazing, but the packaging is too. The candles come in a variety of containers, such as gold and stainless steel, all embossed with the logo on the lid, or the side. Then they are placed inside boxes inspired by antique English hatboxes, I literally didn’t want to throw anything away! I’ve kept the boxes for trinkets, and once I have finished with the larger steel container from Christmas, I will be using it for make up goodies!

The gorgeous Chelsea Flowers candle that I was sent is like a tiny tin of expensive paint! Once you’ve opened the lid (with a knife, just like a paint pot) you are met with a fresh, flowery, almost summertime scent. With top notes of gardenia blossom, freesia, peony, tuberose and orange blossom blended with a base of vetiver, cashmere woods and musk.

The candles are reasonably priced, starting at £14 for the smaller pots, ranging all the way up to £68 for gift sets.

The whole Boujies London range can be found here.

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  1. March 18, 2014 / 8:43 pm

    I knew you would love these products before I even smelt the fragrance , because if the beautiful packaging

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