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Last weekend the man & I had a rare night off from kiddie duties & we hit London. Now, before I go any further, when I say hit it, I don’t mean a hardcore, all nighter, because, you know, we’re knackered most of the time! But it was one of those nights where both kids had a sleepover at a friends house & we had a voucher for a meal at Garfunkel’s. The Christmas lights had been switched on and I am a serious Christmas fiend so I knew exactly where we would be going!

After dropping the kids, we took a train into Victoria – lets just note how relaxing evening trains can be when you don’t have a 4yo shouting down the whole carriage and an 11yo ignoring you while she’s listening to music on her phone. We chatted, we caught up on twitter, we daydreamed, it was all very sophisticated & chilled – then we jumped onto the tube (hell on earth) and hit Oxford Street. Now, I’m not sure when the last time I went to Oxford St is, but I can tell you I won’t be going there again in a hurry. I don’t care *how* many shops they have, the sheer number of people pushing and shoving and rushing around is enough to make me go all hulk like on their arses. Seriously people, rudeness doesn’t get you to your destination any faster!

Anyway. We saw John Lewis windows (Bear and Hare & some amazing deer, rabbits, polar bears all made out of appliances and gadgets) Debenhams, House of Fraser & I was right back in the xmas spirit! We then made our way down Carnaby Street, up to Covent Garden (I’m saying ‘up’ and ‘down’ like I know what direction we went in, I have no idea, I just followed!) Covent Garden is amazing at the best of times, but at Xmas, it’s a whole other level. Then we hit Garfunkel’s. Now, I used to go here a lot as a kid, I don’t know why, but it’s the main restaurant I remember going to with my mum & dad! I’m not sure if it’s because of holidays and we went at the airport, or if it was in London, but I just remember it fondly. So I was quite looking forward to seeing if it had changed since then.

As we were reviewing the new menu, we decided to go with the fancy hotdogs. I had the British Bulldog, a hotdog with chilli on top, served with chips and homemade coleslaw and the man had the Hickory Red, loaded with jalapeño cheese and slow-cooked onions and a BBQ sauce. The waitress had said the British Bulldog wasn’t that spicy so the hubs changed his mind, but, after tasting mine and getting the hiccups, he wishes had had the same. I love a good hotdog, and I’ve always wanted a proper chill-dog, oh god this was amazing! It was massive, I couldn’t eat the whole thing (lucky hubs) but I would have it again and again! We were going to share a pudding, but after 2 Magners & 2 Crabbies we were both stuffed. The restaurant was fab, clean, friendly & even though it was busy (saturday night, in London at xmas time) the food was hot, quick & the staff were great. The meal, including hubs starter, a salad bowl & drinks only came to £50 which I think is quite cheap for a proper sit down restaurant, and we’ll definitely be going back with the kids soon.

Once we’d finished eating, we rolled ourselves back out into Covent Garden and started walking back to Victoria, via The London Eye, Embankment, Buckingham Palace and round. Again, I couldn’t tell you how to get back to the station, but I do know we managed to walk about 7miles, and one of us was in heeled boots!

It was such a nice night, we had a chance to chat, relax and catch up with each other without one of us being distracted by someone or something. It’s only when you get time together without kids that you realise how much you need it. We’ve said we’re going to make it a regular thing, but the speed the months are passing us by, I doubt it’ll be monthly! It’s our 12th wedding anniversary this weekend, so I think we’re going to put another date night in the calendar very soon!

{Voucher provided to review the new menu as stated, but all words and opinions are my own!}

{{there are no food photos because we were too engrossed in talking to each other!}}


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  1. Tom aka Hubs
    November 25, 2013 / 3:29 pm

    Thank you for a great night and i totally agree – was great to have US time. MWAH

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