The Best Christmas Toys of all time… ~ SP

Each year there seems to be an ‘it’ toy of the season, the one that, unless you buy it in October, you’re unlikely to get it in December because it sells out so quickly, a bit like that film with Arnie “I’ll be back” – the toy was a plastic figure or something, but the lengths he had to go to get it were pretty out there! (Can’t say I’d go to that extreme myself….!)

To celebrate the Hillarys Kids Range they have produced an infographic of all the best toys at Christmas, starting all the way back in 1975! (I wasn’t born then so obviously I don’t remember them all…..)

1975- Pet Rock, a pet that didn’t need to be fed (sounds a bit like a tamagotchi without the tech side!)

1980- The Rubiks Cube, the toy that everyone had and still has! I remember trying to get them all to match forEVER then giving up, peeling the stickers off and cheating….. Don’t pretend I was the only one!

1983 & 1984- Were two of my FAVOURITE toys ever! Cabbage Patch Dolls and CareBears!! The ugly dolls with big chubby cheeks and the bears that could fix everything with a hug and a rainbow! I think most girls in their 30’s have a memory of these!

1985- The year of the transformers! Even now I can remember the song that went with these! (Transformers, Robots in disguise – ok, not the whole song but that’s pretty good!) I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch the programme but they’re definitely a part of my childhood for some reason! I’m sure my son would love them now! (Are they still on telly?)

1991- Was all about the GameBoy. Mario & Luigi jumping over pipes and dodging bad mushrooms, and the never ending game of tetris! I used to spend HOURS sitting on the sofa trying to beat my score with those twisty turning bricks! I wonder if it would entertain kids these days? (Er, how old do I sound in that sentence!?)

1996– Buzz Lightyear – My son is OBSESSED with Buzz right now, I can’t believe he’s been around for that long!? Surely that’s not when Toy Story came out, is that even possible?!

1998 & 2012?- The same toy, and, yes, I had one back in ’98, in fact I think my then boyfriend now husband bought it for me! A Furby! They’re definitely a lot more fancy this time round, but still as annoying I think! Mine used to spurt “feed me” at random moments, I still have it somewhere amongst the toys that made it over from my parents house to ours.

Looking at the list, brings back so many memories of being a child and the things I used to love playing with, or used to watch, and it’s amazing that they’re still so well known, the power of the kid at Christmas? Or the power of advertising? How many of them do you remember?

Put together by Hillarys Roller blind Selection

This is a sponsored post, but also a good trip down memory lane!


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