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Laser Treatment Clinic – Marine Skin Science

Founded in 2000 at the heart of London’s medical and cosmetic centre, and located at the most prestigious medical address in the world, The Laser Treatment Clinic was one of the first Laser skin clinics to establish itself in London. Their skin experts have sourced the very best hi-tech cutting edge laser systems and advanced high performance Marin Skin Science skincare products which work together to deliver the best results for skin.

I’ve been trialling two of their products, the Ultra-Smooth Sea Polish and the Revitalize Marine Body Serum.

The body serum is ultra rich but still very, very light to apply, which covers the skin with moisture without any hint of a sticky residue. It soaks in quickly but the moisturising effect lasts for a while, and you really feel that you’ve given your skin a drink, so to speak. The serum is designed to minimise the appearance of dull, dry skin on both the body and the hands and restores it’s appearance, leaving it feeling silky smooth and toned. It has quite a medical scent, there is no hint of florals or sweetness, which I actually really like, it almost feels like you ‘should’ be using it, rather than it being a beauty product. For the best results, it’s recommended that you exfoliate (healthy, unbroken skin) in the shower before applying, and leave it to soak in for 2 minutes to allow it to dry.


The Sea Polish is probably one of my favourite exfoliators to date. It’s highly concentrated and ultra, ultra fine. If you looked at it in the pot you would never suspect it was an exfoliator! The marine earth skin polish targets blackheads, blocked pores, dull and uneven skin tone, leaving the skin feeling softer and smoother. You really don’t need to put much effort into using this scrub, it does all the work for you, apply a tiny amount to dry skin (it’s best to use after a hot shower so the steam can open your pores a little) and massage lightly. It says for around 5 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. I don’t have overly sensitive skin but I found 2-3 mins max was enough, anymore than that for me and it would start to feel sore and aggravated. The trick is to dampen your face each time the scrub starts to thicken up, paying particular attention to problem areas, mine being around my nose and my chin. Rinse it well using warm water and a flannel. The box suggests 1-3 times a week, but I will probably be sticking to once a week when my skin is happy, maybe once a fortnight when I go through my lovely breakout moments, as I like to scale everything back and just cover my face with gentle love when it’s like that! (Think oil, oil and more oil!) The 50ml pot will probably last a good few months as you only need such a tiny amount each time.


sea polish

Both products cost £39.00 each and are available from the Laser website here.

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5* Sparkles

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that cleaning is not really top of my favourite things to do. I like the finished job once it’s done, but sometimes it’s a lot of effort so anything that makes it a bit quicker is a good thing in my opinion. When the lovely people at Viakal asked me if I wanted to try their products and a 5* kit to make my bathroom a little slice of luxury & relaxation, I obviously accepted. I mean, I’m not one to turn down luxury!

I don’t have a ‘before’ photo to show you because, we’re still working on the bathrooms, yes, they’re still in need of some paint – we’ve been here a year now and I’m yet to get the paintbrush out, it’s a new record for me! So I can’t really show you a huge difference as the walls are still the same, non-descript, creamy colour, which is the most boring colour in the world. In fact, the whole house is the same colour, they must have got a job lot! But, with the help of the Viakal goodies, I was able to attack the taps, sinks, shower screen and bath to get them all sparkling like they’d been hit with a dollop of fairy dust.

According to a recent survey by Viakal, gleaming taps and watermark free showers are considered such a high cleaning benchmark that 79% of cleaners religiously apply this to their own bathrooms. You’ll also find Housekeepers will always go the extra mile, with 57% providing their own visitors fluffy towels and a quarter putting out nice cosmetics and soaps at home.

The survey, revealed that some boast such a passion for cleaning the bathroom, that one fifth (21%) actively enjoy the chore, with 42% going onto reveal that removing limescale from the taps gives them the most job satisfaction. Not only that, but a perverse 2% admitted to actually enjoying declogging the plug! – That’s some serious dedication to the cause right there!

Onto the After! Despite being a serious product junkie, my bathrooms had no storage or shelves at all, so what happened was everything would end up round the edge of the bath, which is fine for a few things but it ended up being a balancing act and I couldn’t even contemplate putting my feet up in the bath, because I’d knock half of it off (I know, first world problems right there) so we grabbed a picture ledge from ikea and got creative with it’s usage. It was meant to be a nail varnish shelf but it was too long, it was, however, spot on for the family bathroom, so it went above the tiles and all my goodies now have a home. There is even room for the *gorgeous* Diptyque candle that came in the hamper! I haven’t had the heart to light it yet, I’m saving it for a special occasion!


Obviously, white is the colour of the day in my house, so the fluffy white towels from The White Company took pride of place on the once empty double towel rail. We moved it so now it sits next to the bath. Perfect.


My shiny taps & sink are home to the Diptyque soap, I’m torn between putting it in the downstairs toilet so all my visitors can use it and hiding it away in our bathroom so only I use it!


And there we have it, my 5* bathroom is almost complete. With the little luxuries added I almost don’t mind the lack of paint in there, once the lights are out, the bath is run, candles lit & a good book on my iPad I’m not even going to notice the walls am I?

Thanks to Viakal for sending my the products & goodies for the purpose of this post. 

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Clarins #Feed10


Sometimes you need to stop what you’re doing and realise just how lucky you really are. A lot of the time we take luxuries for granted without even a second thought to people out there who don’t have half of what we have.

Clarins are collaborating with FEED Projects to help fight the worldwide childhood hunger epidemic through the launch of the ‘Gift with Purpose’. The first ever of it’s kind, a gift with purchase with a social conscience, each FEED 10 gift funds 10 nutritious school meals for children in developing countries through the UN World Food Programme. This year they want to reach a goal of providing an additional one million meals and they need your support.

You can get this gift with purpose when you buy two Clarins products, one of them must be skincare. Included in the FEED 10 pouch are the iconic Moisture Rich Body Lotion, Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate in discovery sizes plus Gentle Refiner, Hydra Quench Cream Mask and Hand & Nail Treatment. It’s available from the 21st September until the 4th October 2014 at Clarins.

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What is it you want exactly?

I’m having one of those weeks. You know the kind where you just can’t make a decision on anything. From the mundane (dinner?) to the whole big life issue thing. I’m like a proverbial tennis ball on a court, and the players just aren’t missing. Or something like that.

I can’t decide what I want to do with myself. I’ve always been indecisive but right now I’m just a pain in the arse. Do I want more children? Or do I want to stay as we are and do new things with my kiddles. Do I want to have stability and, dare I say it, boredom, in my life, or do I want things to be up in the air and keeping me on my toes. Do I want to grab life by the balls and do whatever, whenever, or do I want to feel safe and un-pushed (not pushed? What’s the right way to phrase that?)

I know. They should all be obvious answers but they’re not. Not to me anyway! I assume I am one of those women (Princess if you must, no, dammit, Queen!) who wants the best of both worlds. Yes I want my frigging cake and I have the cheek to want to eat it too. To quote my eldest, “I know, right!?”

I just get so, what’s the word I’m looking for, URGH, when things stay the same for too long. I like to switch things around. One month I might be all about having another baby and becoming the worlds best housewife, then the following month I couldn’t think of anything worse. Will I ever make a choice and stick with it forever? I can’t imagine I will! It’s like when you finally grow your hair and you decide to cut it again. It’s the whole, the grass is always greener scenario isn’t it? You want what you don’t have. In my case, it doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll want the opposite. And when I get that, I’ll go back to wanting what I had before.

Those closest to me probably feel like they can’t win. And maybe sometimes they can’t. But in the same instance at least they know they’ll never be bored with me around. There will never be that feeling of, same shit different day, because I never know what mood I’m going to wake up in, so how will they? At the moment I’m all about travelling, smaller cars, long weekends away (without smaller people) and lots of non baby-making sex. I’m not up for routine, I don’t want the same old same old. I want excitement and risk (but with lots of lay ins attached to that, let’s not get carried away) I don’t want to feel like life is passing me by, I want to be right up there, grabbing it round the neck and riding it wherever it might take me.

I know. Even I can’t keep up with me sometimes.



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Monochrome Loves

I’ve got a bit of a thing for the monochrome at the minute, and not just in the fashion department. Walking round Ikea last week (twice in one day, can you believe!?) I was drawn to all the black & white cushions, rugs, bedding, everything.

My wish list this week just seemed to follow that theme….



1: C’est La Vie T-shirt from Topshop £22

2: Zebra Cardigan H&M £34.99

3: Fiorelli Perry Bag £45 Debenhams

4: Trainers Kurt Geiger £95

I feel a monochrome shopping trip coming up. Black & white goes with everything, right?

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Grown ups.


I thought I’d start my newly titled blog with a pretty apt post, I’ve moved away from parenting a little bit, but I still don’t feel like a fully fledged grown up. The Bloke and I are both in our 30’s now, and I remember thinking how grown up that sounded when I was in my early 20’s. You know, “by the time I’m 33 I’ll be……” (insert rich, famous, in Paris, a writer as you like!) and obviously, I’m not.

We’re currently discussing our next ‘big’ birthdays, he’ll be *cough* forty and I will be 35 (in two years I’d like to add, not next year!) and the plan is to visit New York together, on our own, without our little darlings. It’s exciting and feels like an adventure, but at the same time, I can’t imagine myself married to a 40 year old. I mean, there’s no getting away from the fact that that is a grown up number. It’s forty! (There’s also the fact that we will have been married for 15 years in the same year, so it’s a pretty big one! Renew vowels? Shop it up in NYC? Decisions!)

You see, while we have jobs, a house, two children and a dog between us, there is still a level of immaturity that I’m not sure will ever go. The Bloke still plays imaginary golf at any opportunity, usually with umbrellas but he’s been known to use sticks and even baguettes if he’s particularly bored walking round Sainbos. My sewing kit is seriously dismal. I have a few reels of cotton (never the colour you need) and a couple of those really weird needles that never get used because they’re blunter than play-doh. We *never* have stamps when we need them, our filing system leaves a lot to be desired (I had to search through TB’s t-shirt drawer the other day, because he was storing stuff in there to be filed “at a later date”) and I cannot find any destination without satnav. I don’t care how clear you make the directions, I’ll lose my way after the second instruction. And don’t even get me started on the fact that hangovers seem to last longer than 1 day now.

But, there’s actually a good balance going on here. Just because you have to tick the next box in the age category doesn’t mean the end of late nights and naughty weekends away. My hair is longer now than it was when I was in my 20s’s and I like it (and have dreams about getting a disastrous haircut then waking up grateful it’s still on my head!) I might keep talking about getting the botox right between my eyes but at the other end of the scale, I don’t actually look that old. Two years ago I was asked for ID, that story will be relived for a long time, get used to it people!

Yes, most of our friends are married and or have kids, so we can’t all drop everything and go for impromptu nights out, but when we do get together, we get together in style (this is where those 2 day hangovers kick in)

I’ve worked out my style and I stick to it, without trying to be a fashion victim. (I also know that a blunt heavy fringe suits nobody over the age of 12. Especially if you have chubby cheeks high cheekbones)

Then, the not so grown up points. Sadly, I still can still put my foot in it at any given moment, like the time I was discussing a photo in an exhibition and explaining how wrong I thought it was compared to the rest of the theme, only to watch the colour drain from TB’s face. The man I was discussing it with was the photographer. And one of TB’s bosses. Fun. I never have calpol/paracetemol/plasters when I need them (yet a million things fall out of the medicine cabinet when I open it?) and I don’t think my underwear will ever be 100% matching.

And lastly, we have the ‘old people who lived a shoe’ qualities, that I like to think of as secrets that must never ever be told to anyone, except you obviously. Gardening. We’re getting a kick out of gardening. You know, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, it’s nice to see it all come together and look pretty. A decent cup of tea. I have no time for people who can’t make a good cup of tea. Don’t put the milk in first, don’t swish the tea bag around for a second and don’t use chipped mugs. Or fat milk. Simple. Quiet evenings on the sofa under the blanket with a (decent) cup of tea are almost as nice as getting dressed up and going out. Sometimes nicer. Ironing. Urgh, this one is a real bitch. Now GG is in senior school her uniform doesn’t seem to de-crease after washing, so I had to buy an iron. And an ironing board. And I am now taking great satisfaction in making sure all items of washing are ironed perfectly. I actually hid a shirt from TB yesterday because it is creased and I knew he’d wear it anyway. What am I turning into!?

The truth is, I’m quite happy with our little, young, old, oldest balance and I can’t imagine it changing, no matter how old we get. We’ll still want to blast the tunes out to annoy the neighbours, swing around anything that resembles a golf club and have a good cuppa on the go.

It’s all about balance.


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A few changes….


There are going to be a few changes around here in the next week or so. I’ve decided to merge my two blogs together as one. This one started off as a little online diary about the kids, but it grew and took on a different life of it’s own, which wasn’t really what I had in mind when I started out, but it’s been great all the same. The kids are growing up now, and aside from a few posts here and there, they don’t need me writing about them, it’s hard enough growing up as it is, without your mother using events as blog fodder.

My other site, which was my grown up, honest posts only site was getting neglected. I don’t really have time for one blog, never mind two. So, I have decided to bring them together. This site will soon become Life Daily. A place where I can post all the honesty, funny, food, shopping, ranting, wish list’y posts that I want. Hopefully it will give me back my blogging mojo, and I’ll get back into the swing of writing.

During the summer holidays I have been doing a *lot* of thinking, I’m still not 100% sure on things, but I’ve made a few decisions. The first is I don’t think now is the right time to start studying. I’ve just started a fab new job, which I want to throw myself into, GG is now in senior school, TB is growing up, and I’m not sure I want to add more hard work to something that is running really nicely. I’m also feeling like the path I thought I wanted to take, isn’t quite right. While I am still really interested in counselling and pyschosexual therapy, I still want to write and be creative, so I need to find a balance between the two. What the balance is I have no idea, but when I find it, you’ll be one of the first to know!

So, there we go. My parenting blog will soon be (hopefully) a lifestyle blog. And my lifestyle will soon be pretty much perfect. There’s not really much more you could ask for is there!




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