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#MyBath With Matalan Direct

Do you know what, since we’ve gone back to school and college life has been absolutely insane. I feel like the weeks are passing by at the speed of light and it will be Christmas before we know it (I know, the dreaded word, but it’s true!)

It’s been stressful to say the least. So when Matalan Direct got in touch and asked if I’d like to blog about my perfect bath routine I was never going to say no. Plus, it was a great excuse to get going on the bathroom decorating that I had been putting off since we moved in.

bath 1

They were kind enough to send me a candle and reed diffuser from their new range, I, of course went for coconut and vanilla. Coconut is my favourite bath fragrance ever. Alongside that I got the softest towel ever in a gorgeous grey colour and a voucher to treat myself to some bath goodies.

I really enjoyed shopping for the treats. Sometimes (who am I kidding, all the time) it’s a case of grab something from a supermarket shelf on the weekly food shop, and I am a product junkie so I took my time walking up and down the aisles. I treated myself to some Sanctuary Spa products, a body scrub, bubble bath and shower oil which all smell amazing, I’m a total addict now – some new shampoo and conditioner, the Ogx Kukui Oil range for crazy frizzy hair recommended to me by DMBL40 and Caroline Hirons, so, had to be worth a shot, and a new moisturiser as mine had run out.




Heaven. That’s what it’s been. Absolute heaven. When I’m sitting in a stuffy classroom with windows that don’t open trying to work out the formula for various chemical properties, or working out which part of the brain does what, the thought of a hot bath at the end of the day is absolute bliss.

What’s your bath time ritual?




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What you ‘beanie’ doing….?


I never used to like coffee. Then I got a grown up job. I had to like coffee because that’s what people who work in London drink right? I tried to be the one that drank “Chai tea” but that just didn’t feel quite so corporate; I therefore trained myself to like coffee, starting with sniffing it, progressing to sipping it and after a number of lengthy months easily drinking it.

This was, however back in the day when coffee was just coffee. I had no option to like plain black coffee and though I was frowned on for having a sweetener I figured it was ok. It was still coffee. I then started to add milk, a lot of milk. Resulting in lovely weaker coffee but also rather cold coffee with said milk content. After a few years of London life it became more popular to drink flavoured coffee. Hallelujah! And there begun my love for the coffee bean.

It has progressed so much that you can now buy all sorts of flavours and I have discovered the land of Beanies.

Gingerbread coffee, it’s like a literal step into Christmas. I mean you look at the label and can actually picture sitting curled up in an armchair with a blanket, peace and quiet, the smell of the REAL Christmas tree permeating the air and a cup of gingerbread coffee. And to be fair when you drink it, it has that exact taste! The fact it will be drunk when you have children asking for their school bags, toast burning and the thought of de-icing the car in your mind still doesn’t take away from the fact that you are drinking a cup of sweet gingerbread, non-sickening coffee. All.year.round.

Vanilla coffee is everyone’s first venture into the world of flavoured coffee. Keeping it safe. However no matter how much you change your habits you will always come back to this firm favourite. It’s your way of saying “I’m being soooo good by not adding sugar to my coffee” but knowing that’s a lie. Vanilla coffee is reminding you that good things happen in the world and that Vanilla is not boring, its calming. Why have children not been named Vanilla?! When drinking this coffee you will realise that you can have luxury in your own home and if you don’t want to share you don’t have to.

Then last but not least hazelnut coffee. It’s one of those that’s get a bad press until you try it. When the flavoured coffee boom hit, it was more your vanilla and caramel that came into play. Gingerbread was made famous by coffee shops but only available for a couple of months a year. Anyway, I digress. This hazelnut is delish! Smooth and creamy and one to impress the neighbours, yet not shock with it being “a bit too much”. A coffee that falls into all categories is awesome. Your friend comes in with heartache? Hazelnut coffee. Your mum walks in moaning about your dad? Hazelnut coffee. Neighbourhood watch man discussing local youths? Hazelnut coffee. Win win.

Yup. Coffee = win win.

PR Samples. Written by Michelle, proper coffee lover.

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#InstaLove – CocoMamaStyle


I love looking at Helen Canning’s Instagrams – she is everything I’m not. She can put together an outfit that looks like it should be on a magazine page and she can team leopard print heels with a yellow Petite Bateau rain mac. If I did that, I’d look like I’d escaped from somewhere. But that’s why I love it! She also has the ‘outfit and shoes from above’ shot nailed. Another thing I can’t do……! (Must practice that one more!)

Mum to two gorgeous little girls, blogger and YouTuber – @cocomamastyle is full on style and glamour. We all need a little bit of that in our lives. Plus, she rocks the red lip and Marilyn blonde hair like a boss.

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
Other than my family – of course! – Dior mascara, any of my pairs of heels and Rescue Remedy spray. With those I can face anything!

Meal you’d cook to impress?
I’d keep it simple with an Italian theme and cook a mushroom risotto probably followed by panna cotta or tiramisu. Served with bubbles, obviously.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I take inspiration from everywhere; other women, magazines, blogs, but if I need a quick fix when it comes to outfit inspiration, interiors ideas or even activities for my little ones, I always head to Pinterest. Just a single search and you’re lost amongst the most beautiful, creative and inspiring imagery.

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!

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Shrek’s Adventure!

Remember way back in August when there was time to do fun stuff with the kids? No, me either. But apparently we did do fun stuff, and one of the best days out was DreamWork’s Shrek’s Adventure!

It’s an interactive adventure in London’s County Hall, right on the river and next to the London Eye, and, as every single person in the house loves the Shrek films and show, we were all really looking forward to going, despite the weather!


First thing you notice when you arrive? A HUGE Fiona at the door, surprisingly, even though there were (obviously) queues to have pictures taken with her, it moved quite quickly and kids got their chance to say hi. Then we joined another queue (there is a bit a queuing theme in this post but the whole experience was worth it) which took us through a green screen bit, where we had to pull some funny moves off, not quite sure we had that nailed, but it made us laugh and then we moved onto the next waiting area. Now, my two were good at waiting because they’re that little bit older and there was enough to entertain them on the way round, characters walking past, the decor looking like we were in a Shrek film, plenty of sounds to listen to, but I think younger kids would probably have got a bit fed up waiting for so long, an hour in total I’d say, but it was the middle of the summer holidays, a new attraction and, Shrek, so it’s forgivable!

We soon reached the first attraction, and, had to put our phones away so we didn’t spoil the surprise for anyone seeing it on social media.

We made our way into a bus depot where we had to wait for our magical bus, which Donkey was flying of course. The bus, a 4d, wrap around simulator was AMAZING. I have never seen anything like it before. Charlie was convinced we had flown out of the building and done a tour of London, through the Thames and into China where we flew with Kung Fu Panda, then a little session with Toothless and his friends, and finally, the witches from Shrek. Honestly, the best simulator ever and if that had been it for the attraction, I would have been happy! But, off we got, once we’d reached Far Far Away.

We then went through loads of different rooms (I don’t want to spoil it for you!) meeting all the characters you could think of, each time a person in our group had to take an item to the next room with a message for the character, eventually, leading us to freedom. There were plenty of jokes for the adults to appreciate, but to be honest, every one of us was enjoying the kids jokes just as much!





It was such a well thought out, fun adventure. I can’t think of anything else like it that we’ve seen, so every single queue was more than worth it. The kids still talk about it now, and next time we watch Shrek, we’ll feel like we’ve been there with him!

You get the chance to buy a book at the end of the adventure with all the photos taken of you, it’s an amazing book and I really wish we’d bought it now, but, alas, being a full time student we’ve had to cut back on a fair few things so we just bought our favourite shot of the day. I think it captures the whole day perfectly!


Oh! And how can I forget! At the end, just as we’re making our way to the exit, who do we meet? The one and only, real life, 7 foot hunk of a man, Shrek! (This is where Charlie went into panic mode and wouldn’t talk to him, but Holly and I made up for that!)

If you’re looking for a day out with a different, I cannot recommend this enough. Tickets cost from £23.40 and the adventure is open from 10am-6pm Monday – Saturday and 10am – 5pm on a Sunday.

Huge thanks to Shrek’s Adventure for inviting us along! 

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You know when……

You have 4 essays to write and an exam you should start making revision notes for but you just keep putting it off? You work better under pressure anyway.

Your house looks like all the hoovers in the area came for a convention and just went ‘BANG’.

You have a pile of paperwork that needs to be transferred to your diary so you can keep track of the kids, but you don’t have the time to write it?

You need to nag the husband to cut the grass but you really can’t be bothered with the effort that nagging takes.

You used to enjoy nagging.

You said you’d love to decorate your bedroom for a blog post, but then you realise the deadline was yesterday and you haven’t even bought the paint.

You used to enjoy decorating.

Half term seems like a million years away.

You think half term will be relaxing.

You know you’re wrong.

You wonder, if you did want another baby, how old you’d be before you actually had the energy to make one.

You can’t remember anything you did in your maths GCSE 18 years ago. And it shows.

You remember it’s jeans for genes day the morning of jeans for genes day. Thank god you remembered, imagine being *that* parent.

Your toes need painting, but, meh.

You need a day off, at a spa, doing nothing, but they don’t let you book 5 years in advance.

Your holiday seems like years ago. 6 weeks? Really?

You wonder if anyone would notice if you stayed in bed for a week.

You wonder why you started all this…




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#InstaLove – mother_pukka


There are women out there who just have.it.nailed. They know who they are, they’re good at their shit and they do it in style. Anna Whitehouse is one of those women.

She is what I want to be like when I grow up. Red lips and all. Her blog is a proper sit down, read, laugh and nod along. Her Instagram is stylish and raises money, heard of the #parentingfail hashtag? If you haven’t, you should have a look now. Freakin’ hilarious and raising money for charity at the same time. And, her hashtag skills are off the scale.

If, like Anna, you’re parenting the shit out of life, you’re going to love her feed. Follow @mother_pukka here.

Her answers to the three things makes me love her even more…….!

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
Instagram, MAC’s Lady Danger lippie and nappy wipes.

Meal you’d cook to impress?
A cheese fondue. Not technically cooking but love a fondue, love cheese.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My dear friend Dita Guth (@salottorosso) who has the dirtiest laugh and dirtier sense of humour. Forget Beyonce, “What would Dita do?”

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!

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#InstaLove – en brogue



You know when you spend your youth wearing ridiculous heels that kill your feet but you do it because it looks good? Then you start to realise you prefer flats but you just wish you could style them as easily as heels? Welcome to En Brogue. The woman who is singlehandedly starting the flat shoe revolution.

She even makes dresses and flats look good.

She’s an amazing artist and even has a book out on the subject of shoes. Exactly. You can follow Hannah @enbrogue – before you start shopping for flats have a read of her blog.

3 things:

Three things you can’t live without?
Birkenstocks, socks (I hate having cold feet, plus I could technically wear them with the Birkenstocks), my iPhone (for listening to music and feeding my Instagram addiction)

Meal you’d cook to impress?
Cheese and potato pie. You par-boil the potatoes and slice them, then layer them in a dish with milk and grated cheese, and bake it until it’s brown on the top. Serve with crispy bacon. It’s not very sophisticated but I cooked it for two different boyfriends and they both asked me to marry them after they ate it. The second boyfriend is now my husband!

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from music (most of my style icons are male musicians), Instagram, interiors magazines, holidays (last summer my husband booked the hotels we stayed in because he knew I would like the tiles), and just walking around the streets of London

Which Instagram accounts inspire you? Let me know!

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